Christmas special 2012

Christmas 2012 People of most religious faiths celebrate light around this time of year, largely because we find so much darkness in our lives.  The power of darkness is a constant struggle and sometimes seems to overcome the light.  Most … [Read more...]

Talk of peace

 December 22, 2012  Huffington Post – Matthew Albracht It's Time for a National Conversation on Preventing Violence The author is a founder of the Peace Alliance and in the light of the Newtown murders Albracht suggests “a comprehensive … [Read more...]

Children in detention

December 20, 2012 CBC News: Detention centres no place for migrant children, critics argue - Canada out of step with push to keep migrant children out of detention centres Many Canadians may be surprised to learn that the Canadian government does … [Read more...]

Not a citizen

December 14, 2012  Ottawa Citizen – Gary Dimmock Born in Canada but not a citizen This report continues justification for alarm around immigration and crime.  Parents of Deepan Budlakoti, a 23-year-old first-time federal offender, became … [Read more...]

On secret trials, mental illness and crime

December 11, 2012 – David P. Ball Canada's secret trials, immigration policy under fire on Human Rights Day Events in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Saskatoon, Ottawa, and Halifax rallied “support for Canadian Muslims rounded … [Read more...]

Human rights, compassion and civilization

December 10, 2012 Today, Smart Justice Network offers a special reflection on human rights, our strength of character, our “measure of living virtue,” and the shadow side of the use of incarceration and punishment in our society.  Though … [Read more...]

Cross Canada Bullying

December 9, 2012 Vancouver Sun: James Keller, The Canadian Press Anti-bullying strategies varied across Canada but success elusive Bullying and cyber-bullying are widespread across Canada.  “Current research suggests restorative approaches that … [Read more...]

Stats and lies?

December 7, 2012 Prince George Free Press (BC) – DeLynda Pilon City still atop Maclean's crime ranking With only one murder in 2011, here’s the scoop on how to get to the title MacLean’s most crime infested city in Canada! You have to master … [Read more...]

Romanians and C-31

December 7, 2012 – Ian Beeching The human cost of Jason Kenney's refugee health cuts It may be that much of the new immigration policy in C-31 is coming from a Jason Kenny visit to Australia two years ago.  “Borrowing from … [Read more...]

Immigration detention

December 5, 2012 Victoria Times Colonist – Katie DeRosa  Free on streets of fear What prompts refuges to take chances with human smugglers?  DeRosa follows the case of a 25 year old Sri Lankin and his family. Family dispersed, he is waiting in … [Read more...]