RJ: Conceptualising and Contextualising

January 1, 2013

RJ on-line:  Theo Gavrielides
Conceptualising and contextualising restorative justice for hate crimes

In an introduction appearing on the RJ on-line site Gavrieldes argues that RJ is still far from mainstream in response to crime and that hate crimes offer an opportunity to step over the divide from the crimes currently using RJ to more complex and serious crime.  The abstract is found below and the link to the complete article. http://www.restorativejustice.org/RJOB/conceptualising-and-contextualising-restorative-justice-for-hate-crimes

Abstract:  The concepts of restorative justice and hate crime are relatively new for contemporary policy and criminal justice practice. An impressive literature on the application of restorative justice initiatives in response to hate crimes is currently being developed. This paper takes a step back with the aim of creating a more in-depth understanding of the concepts’ relationship. The paper is based on the findings of a three-year project that used a combination of qualitative methodologies including desk research and fieldwork. International case studies using restorative justice for hate crime were identified while a small-scale qualitative study was carried out with UK policy makers, practitioners and hate crime victims and offenders. Complete Report:  http://crimsoc.org/the-journal/volume-i-issue-1/74-4-conceptualising-and-contextualising-restorative-justice-for-hate-crimes-theo-gavrielides

 Global News:  Margot Van Sluytman – Glenn Flett
The Power of Forgiveness – Restorative Justice

A video of a murdered man’s daughter with the murderer – Margo Van Sluytman and Glenn Flett tell their stories to Global News. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b65xefiHB1M

Catholic on-line News Consortium:
Criminal youth gangs band together to end violence in El Salvador

A former guerrilla and a Catholic bishop persuade the 60,000 strong gangs of El Salvador to make a pact to keep 10 municipalities violence free.  The idea is to set up success in these ten very violent prone towns and then expand the program. http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=49096

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In fighting gangs, US should look to El Salvador


Stuff-online (Christchurch, N.Z.) – Charley Mann
Christchurch school crime drops by a third

School principals in New Zealand are beginning to suggest a connection between the spirit of community engendered by the recent earthquake and the crime rate in the schools, down by 30%. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/8123998/Christchurch-school-crime-drops-by-a-third

Ottawa Citizen – Luann Lasalle – Canadian Press
Porn web site viewers vulnerable to ransom demands by online gangs – Bad guys lock down personal computers; security threat expected to spread throughout web in 2013

“Ransomware” is the new threat.  Visit a porn site may result in a lock on your computer followed by a blackmail demand. http://www.ottawacitizen.com/business/Porn+site+viewers+vulnerable+ransom+demands+online/7721114/story.html#ixzz2GfGWpEfV  

Global Maritimes: Special Series –
Guns and gangs (Part 1)

A two minute video inaugurating the series in response to a growing problem in Halifax, NS.  http://www.globalmaritimes.com/video/halifax+skating+oval+opens+for+season/video.html?v=2321187291&p=4&s=dd#stories

 Superior Telegram (Wisconsin)  – Mike Nichols
Prisons become hospitals for mentally ill

Nichols wonders why we take the easy route and leave dealing with mental health to prisons.  “We like to do things the easy way. Instead of finding a way to prevent their crimes, we just lock them up after they’ve committed them — if, unlike Adam Lanza, they are still around.”  Does his analysis sound familiar? http://www.superiortelegram.com/event/article/id/73274/group/Opinion

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Mental Health Services Erode As States Slash Budgets