Grosmaire raises the ante

January 21, 2013

 NY Times examiner: David Belden
Radical Compassion: Restorative Justice Program Meets Needs of Both Victims and Perpetrators

The Grosmaire case first aired in the NY Times has been swirling around a considerable portion of the US Media.  Much of the focus is around the notion of forgiveness and whether forgiveness is compatible and can be mingled with criminal justice.  This article is a Q & Q format between Belden and Sujatha Baliga, the restorative justice facilitator in the case.  A worthy read even for someone familiar with the practice of RJ; the article also gives an inkling of where RJ is in the broader spectrum of justice in the US. 

 Chronicle Herald – Dan Leger
Has crime crusader Toews finally seen the light?

It’s too much to hope for perhaps, but freelancer Dan Leger thinks Vic Toews realizes that tough-on-crime in a time of declining crime rates has a financial consequence for the cost of policing.  Will he jump further to the costs of longer prison terms? 

Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) – Nathan Stall, MD
Black eyes and barriers

Here is the latest of the medical journal’s commentary on mental health in prisons.  Stall reviews the recent UN Convention against Torture report card and Renu Mandhane’s University of Toronto report “Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading.”  Link to the U of T full report:

 Walrus – Daniel Baird
Rough Justice

“The blunt edge of justice” is in review when a judge brings Baird on a tour of what goes on behind the scene in a courthouse.  Then, Baird invites us to consider the retributive justice and punishment motive for locking people up longer.

 Walrus – Rachel Giese
The New Normal: Mainstreaming Mental Health

While not yet on their web site, the article hails the new focus on mental health and discusses the role of biogenetics and biomedical model of mental illness vs the psychosocial models with reaction to the extent of biomedical influence in the field, both of whom, says Giese, are pursuing greater tolerance and understanding.  Mainstreaming of mental health may be a partial solution to the lack of treatment for most experiencing difficulty in that it may influence more to seek help as well as the services to better respond.

 National Post – Tobi Cohen
Vic Toews says parole board should have final say after warden grants police officer’s killer an escorted absence

Vic Toews is asking CSC Commissioner Don Head to indicate ways to prevent wardens from granting ETA’s (Temporary Absences) to prisoners previously denied parole by the NPB.