The Sentencing Project

February 28, 2013  The Sentencing Project (Washington, DC - US) – Marc Mauer The Changing Racial Dynamics of Women’s Incarceration The study looks at the changing racial characteristics of women sentenced to prison from 2000-2009: about half … [Read more...]

Aboriginal justice failing

 February 27, 2013  CBC News Justice system failing First Nations, report finds. Iacobucci urges action to get aboriginal representation on Ontario juries Seeing a lack of Aboriginal participation in the jury pool is indicative of a much wider … [Read more...]

Prison health care inequality

 February 26, 2013  Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) – Adam Miller Prison health care inequality The latest in a series of commentaries from the Canadian Medical Association focuses on the inconsistency and often inadequacy of … [Read more...]

Austerity fetishism

 February 25, 2013 Toronto Star: Op-ed by Alex Himmelfarb The trouble with austerity: Cutting is more about ideology than economics Here is another insightful article from Alex Himmelfarb, who says: “…austerity fetishism is not economics; it … [Read more...]


 February 21, 2012  The Texas Tribune - Brandi Grissom Andre Thomas: Mental Health, Criminal Justice Collide The first of a six part series investigating the collision between mental health and criminal justice, this article about pursuing the … [Read more...]

Community development rather than jail cells

 February 20, 2013  Winnipeg Free Press – John Hutton More jail cells won't solve overcrowding Hutton reacts to the failure of the Manitoba government to take seriously the report of its own adult capacity review committee.  The committee’s … [Read more...]

Prison costs revised

February 19, 2013  Livingston – Paul Egan – Gannett News Service Michigan prison costs high despite fewer inmates, staff Lots of the rhetoric around growth in prisons and mass incarceration has prompted realization about the cost … [Read more...]

An evidence base?

 February 18, 2013  CBC News – Kady O’Malley Liberal MP demands evidence behind mentally ill offender crackdown O’Malley reports that Liberal and former Justice Minister Irwin Cotler has filed on today’s (Feb. 14) Notice Paper a series … [Read more...]

Policing costs

February 13, 2013  Globe and Mail – John Ibbitson Death of Internet bill gives Toews new life to beat the drum on policing costs Ibbitson says that the government does not plan to renew the funding (expiring in April) for extra police officers … [Read more...]

Honouring the children

 February 12, 2013 BC Representative for Children - Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond Honouring Kaitlynne, Max and Cordon Responses to the recent announcement by Stephen Harper of the government’s intent to deal differently – read more harshly - with … [Read more...]