Prisoners’ rights & Solitary

March 29, 2013  Globe and Mail - Rod Mickleburgh B.C.’s provincial health officer critical of federal crime bill BC provincial health officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, says that the ‘tough-on-crime approach is not only resulting in disproportionate … [Read more...]

Youth Justice (UK)

 March 27, 2013   House of Commons Justice Committee (UK) Youth Justice - Seventh Report of Session 2012–13 The report is a comprehensive report on all aspects of youth criminal justice in the UK together with a series of radical … [Read more...]

Female offenders (UK)

   March 26, 2013  Ministry of Justice (UK) Strategic objectives for female offenders A six page report on issues to be addressed to reform the way women prisoners are treated in the UK, the report speaks to community provision, rehabilitation … [Read more...]

Crime highest in Nunavut

 March 23, 2013  Nunatsiak-on-line Report shows Nunavut’s high violence crime rates stretch court resources - Number of cases, judges, sittings continue to increase A review of crime and court activity from 2000 – 2012 called … [Read more...]

73% provincial costs

 March 22, 2013   CBC News – Canadian Press Provinces bear rising justice costs, budget watchdog finds - Cost of jails, courts and policing up 23% in last decade, amid drop in crime rate Dismissed Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page has a … [Read more...]

Scotland’s VRU

March 20, 2013  Scottish Violence Reduction Unit Founded in 2005 in Scotland, this unit is attached to the police and co-directed by Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan and Karin McCluskey, a former police intelligence analyst. The tag … [Read more...]

Public at risk

  March 19, 2013   Vancouver Sun – Peter McKnight  Reform bill puts public safety at risk: Not Criminally Responsible Act will mean mentally ill    offenders may instead choose to go to jail where treatment may be inadequate McKnight … [Read more...]

Chaplains cut

 March 17, 2013  CBC News - BC B.C. prisoners' rights group protests non-Christian chaplain layoffs Chaplaincy services have been under the axe for some time now as contracts expire and positions are cut.  The cuts are wreaking havoc in … [Read more...]

A place for healing

 March 14, 2013  Winnipeg Free Press – Dan Lett A house for healing Derksen, a victim and long-time advocate for victims, is suggesting a new venture jointly with St. Leonard’s Society: Candace House, a place for families of victims to find … [Read more...]

NCR bill

March 12, 2013  Globe and Mail – Kim Mackrael Groups raise concerns over bill to protect public from mentally ill offenders Patrick Baillie, a Calgary-based lawyer and forensic psychologist, thinks that the new law around the not-criminally … [Read more...]