Public at risk

  March 19, 2013

  Vancouver Sun – Peter McKnight
 Reform bill puts public safety at risk: Not Criminally Responsible Act will mean mentally ill    offenders may instead choose to go to jail where treatment may be inadequate

McKnight offers and an analysis of the new bill in the light of what is already in place and wonders why the charades.  “Clearly, this is mere rhetorical sleight of hand, and will do nothing at all to improve public safety,” he says.

 CBC News – Meaghan Grant
Mental illness puts pressure on police, courts – Diagnosed schizophrenic recalls his run-in with the law

Judge Anne Brown of Calgary thinks about the criminal justice system as a ‘blunt instrument’ inadequate to the task of dealing with petty crimes by people with mental health issues.  Says Brown:  “I would say that the vast majority of the cases with which I deal on a daily basis involve some aspect of social disorder behaviour or mental illness.”  

 Globe and Mail – Kim Mackrael
Q&A: Rob Nicholson defends omnibus crime bill

On the first anniversary of the passage of C-10, Nicholson defends the bill and its impact.

 CBC News
Toews approved TV show filming B.C. immigration raids

Helesia Luke, who has a background in television production and now works with non-profits in Vancouver, just asked for the production agreement from the feds.  She got the agreement, signed by Vic Toews, 

 Ottawa Citizen – Douglas Quan, Postmedia News
Unique Canadian program to train police to deal with mentally ill people promising, study finds

University of Alberta’s Peter Silverstone, a psychiatrist in the university’s faculty of medicine, is the lead on a promising study of how to train police in dealing more effectively with incidents involving mental health issues. (Central Ohio) – Michael Brick
Youth justice struggles to address mental health

Texas lawmakers are looking for ways to confront the school-to-prison pipeline.  The effort involves removing criminal sanctions for youthful behaviour.–school-to-prison.html

 QMI Agency – Jessica Murphy
Tory MP proposes bill to tackle gang recruitment

Brampton (ON) Tory backbencher Parm Gill has introduced a private member’s bill to make a criminal offence the recruitment of someone into a gang membership, punishable by a maximum of five years in prison.