Crime highest in Nunavut

 March 23, 2013

Report shows Nunavut’s high violence crime rates stretch court resources – Number of cases, judges, sittings continue to increase

A review of crime and court activity from 2000 – 2012 called “Ingirranivut: Our Journey,” suggests that Nunavut’s serious crime is the highest in Canada with a court system increasingly unable to cope.  Full report:

 CBC News – Calgary
Police chief says 50% of inmates suffer from mental illness – Rick Hanson says mentally ill people are clogging the justice system

The Calgary Police Chief says that 50% of jail inmates suffer from mental illness.  “Unfortunately for too long a health issue became the problem of the justice system,” Hanson says. It’s more than simply “unclogging the system” for the chief though.  Calgary police have paired mental health professionals with officers in a highly successful program called PACT. Related story: PACT

 American Psychiatry Association
People With Mental Illness in Criminal Justice System Incur Higher Costs

The APA Newsletter reports a study of mental health records in Connecticut has revealed that costs for mentally ill prisoners are double the average treatment costs.  Related article APA Newsletter – Aaron Levin  Judges Get Help Handling Mentally Ill Defendants

 Shambhala Sun – Lorenn Walker
“Buddha Would Probably Like Restorative Justice”

A story of a victim-offender mediation at Walla Walla State Penitentiary in Washington, bringing together a mother and daughter and the man convicted of murdering the husband/father. 

Toronto Star – Betsy Powell
Trial in the murder of Mitchell Celise, 17, pushes old limits on gang evidence

A trial for two men accused of a gang related murder is hearing much more than usual about gangs and how they function.  The evidence included “six YouTube videos, scores of text messages, rap lyrics, jailhouse letters, photos of graffiti and tattoos, and testimony from gang and handwriting experts.” 

Boston Globe – Maria Sacchetti
Program to track immigrants grows, drawing scrutiny

The decision to release many of the immigration detainees in the US has brought the private prison companies a boon in the sale of electronic tracking devices.  Related article: