Youth Justice (UK)

 March 27, 2013 

 House of Commons Justice Committee (UK)
Youth Justice – Seventh Report of Session 2012–13

The report is a comprehensive report on all aspects of youth criminal justice in the UK together with a series of radical recommendations at the end of the report, including one to wipe the slate clean at age 18 and a second for statutory thresholds to ensure lock up only for the most serious offenders.,1CTEN,6JSCMH,4LFTI,1

 Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) – Julie Small
California to seek return of sole control over mental health care at prisons

About a decade ago, federal judge appointed a special master to supervise the treatment of mentally ill prisoners in the Californian prisons.  Now the state is asking the judge to pass that control back to state specifically because the suicide treatment and prevention continues to fail. 

 The Peace Alliance (US)
Restorative Justice On the Rise Telecouncil  March 28, 2013 Dr. Howard Zehr, Guest speaker

Also sponsored by the Peace Alliance, Colorado Proposition HB-13-1254, the Restorative Justice Pilot Project, is before the state legislature and the subject of a virtual town-hall meeting on April 3, 2013 (Wednesday, April 3rd 5pmPST/6pmMST/8EST — Open to All / Free) 

 Smithsonian Institute –
What Can Bees Teach Us About Gang Warfare?

Who would have thought there is a way to predict how roughly equal sized rival groups of a species will define their territory and conduct their conflict?  All you need to know is their anchor point. – Blogger Zawn Villines
The Effects of Incarceration on Mental Health

We know that a large number of prisoners suffer from mental illness before they enter prison.  But we also have some suggestion that prison brings on mental illness or a worsening.

 Atlantic Magazine – Keegan Hamilton
How Obama Could (but Probably Won’t) Stop Deporting Illegal Immigrants Today

$5 billion per year or approximately $12,500 per deportee is the cost to detain and deport. “Many of those currently being expelled from the country will likely qualify for permanent residency or other legal status under the leading immigration reform proposals. So why doesn’t Obama simply halt deportations of all non-criminal undocumented immigrants until the proposed changes take effect?” 

 Human Rights First – Katharina Obser
Proposed National Lawyer Service Crops Addresses Need for Immigrant Counsel

A federal judge in NY has come up with a way to provide a lawyer for the current three of four undocumented immigrants who go to a deportation hearing.  He wants to form a National Lawyer Service!