New prison unrest

  April 28, 2013  880 AM NEWS - Alberta prison guards fighting back  When the provincial government ignored concerns raised by guards around the new Edmonton remand centre, an entire shift of 70 guards staged a wildcat strike.  Two … [Read more...]


April 26, 2013  Halifax Herald (video)  Tories and NDP in sync on cyber-bullying  Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper seem to agree but this report is not sure about exactly what they agree on with reference to criminalizing preventative … [Read more...]

Victims rights

  April 24, 2013  Department of Justice – Government of Canada Government of Canada Launches Consultations on the Victims Bill of Rights  Consultations open to the public will be hosted on-line from May 1 to June 30, 2013. Those … [Read more...]

Follow the money…

April 22, 2013  Rio Rancho Observer (New Mexico) – Lee Ross Jail staff working hard to regain federal contract  Ross offers us a perspective on the impact of a contract to house federal prisoners on the financial operations side of a jail. … [Read more...]

Don Butler on restorative justice as justice for all: what it is, what it does, what the future may hold

This award-winning Ottawa Citizen series by Don Butler highlights with vivid examples and legal critique how the concept of ‘restorative justice’ is reshaping the way we think about criminals and crime. In eight parts it explores: the origins and … [Read more...]

Neighbourhood court

  April 20, 2013  Daily Democrat (Woodland, CA) Yolo County District Attorney hopes Neighborhood Court will reduce repeat offenses  More common perhaps in the UK, this is the second example of neighbourhood courts in California to date.  … [Read more...]

BC dissatisfied

  April 19, 2013  The Globe and Mail BC Polling Analysis: Mario Canseco British Columbians are deeply dissatisfied with justice system   In the light of the coming BC election, Canseco does an analysis of the candidates and their posture … [Read more...]

Governing through crime

April 18, 2013  Berkeley Blog – Jonathan Simon ‘Mass incarceration now, tomorrow, forever’: Gov. Jerry Brown and the politics of court bashing  Simon says that California’s struggle with the orders of the Supreme Court to reduce … [Read more...]

Unpardonable pardoning

 April 17, 2013    Calgary Herald – Kris Kanizsai  Kanizsai: How Harper's tough-on-crime law has ruined me A personal story about the basic unfairness of the changes brought to the pardon process result in the loss of several promising jobs … [Read more...]

Conservative correctional policy – US and UK

   April 15, 2013  US and UK developments in correctional policy  From Catherine Latimer of John Howard:  I have been following with interest the evolution of corrections policy in the US driven by the 'right'.  There is an undeniable … [Read more...]