New prison unrest


April 28, 2013

 880 AM NEWS –
Alberta prison guards fighting back

 When the provincial government ignored concerns raised by guards around the new Edmonton remand centre, an entire shift of 70 guards staged a wildcat strike.  Two suspensions followed protests around health and safety concerns. 

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Alberta jail guards say new Edmonton Remand Centre not safe enough to work in

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CBC News (Vancouver)
Critics say naming gangs dangerous

 Vancouver police are suggesting they will release photos of known gang members.  The police are getting mixed reactions to the idea.

 Vancouver Sun – Kim Boylan
B.C. gangsters to be outed in new police offensive –

Provincial agency vows it will release names of as many gang members as possible and public is urged to take a stand.

 The Bakersfield Californian
A way to better judge realignment’s impact

 Efforts to relieve prison crowding, mandated by federal court, have resulted in the transfer of some inmates to county jails and others to parole and release.  Known as realignment, the practice is taking the blame for increases in criminal offences.  However, the plan made no provisions for statistical tracking on recidivism. 

 Human Rights First
Importance of Counsel for Asylum Seekers and Immigrants in Detention Stressed by Faith, Civil Rights, Legal, and Other Leaders

 Leaders have proposed viable ways to answer the long overdue concession to provide legal advice to indigent and vulnerable immigrants.

 Courthouse News Services – Matt Reynolds
Detained Aliens Can Sue U.S. on Its Own Dime

 Here is a helpful explanation of the side issues involved in the federal court ruling that mentally disabled immigrants are entitled to legal counsel. 

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Mentally disabled facing deportation win right to free legal help,0,5342884.story

 IIRP – Brenda Morrison
Building Safe and Healthy School Communities: Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation

 RJ is much more than another process for regulating bullying behaviour in schools.  Says Morrison: “The implementation of restorative justice and responsive regulation in schools offer an opportunity for schools to invest in justice, not a simple ‘one-off’ opportunity, but one that embraces the ongoing and emerging complexities of school life.”

 Vancouver Sun – Gerry Bellett
Vancouver police mental health team tries to stop the revolving door of arrest and treatment

 Known as the Acute Home Based Treatment team, and populated by a variety of community resource people, the team is one of the VGH and UBC hospital’s mental health outreach teams that are taking services into homes and homeless shelters and to people living on the street.

 CBC News Hamilton –

Group stages last-ditch protest before deportation of Hamilton man’s wife

 Could family break-up be traced to immigration policy in Canada?  Try this one, now in desperate and final stages. A husband and three children left without their wife and mother. 

 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Finally facing justice – A program promoting restorative justice is being trialled in Queensland prisons

 The Sycamore Tree Project is supported by Prison Fellowship.  Victims and offenders meet for eight 2 hour sessions, usually over a period of 8 weeks.

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 CTV News – Bruce Cheadle – Canadian Press
Government to back private bill to toughen parole on some murder sentences

 Strangely enough, after mandatory sentences, the federal government wants to give judges the discretion to add to the 25 years before parole sentences for certain crimes while the back-bencher introducing the legislation concedes that no one in the category of crime he is addressing has gotten out yet.