First Nations School…

 May 30, 2013  CBC Alberta Troubled First Nation School's TV Course Aims to Spark Interest in Education Getting students to school is the first obstacle so this First Nations School offers a media center where students can challenge themselves … [Read more...]

Bill C-479

 May 28, 2013  Globe and Mail Editorial Sometimes victims’ rights clash with public safety  The editorial offers an opinion on Bill C-479 and wonders with the Executive Director of Ottawa Victim Services if the bill may not put public safety … [Read more...]

Whitepaper: A tale of two cities

 May 27, 2013  Restorative Justice: Natalie DeFreitas A Primer and Exploration of Practice across Two North American Cities  The Adler School Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice (IPSSJ), in collaboration with the Illinois Balanced and … [Read more...]

RJ in Law

 May 24, 2013  Restorative Justice Colorado Restorative Justice Bill HB13-1254 Passed  RJ Colorado will get an ED, a state council, and funding for programs through a $10 surcharge built into offender fees.  Significantly, the law allows … [Read more...]

Eliminating long term solitary…

 May 22, 2013  BC Civil Liberties Association Aboriginal woman settles lawsuit over 3½ years solitary confinement  The BC Civil Liberties Association has secured a settlement to a lawsuit filed in March 2011 for BobbyLee Worm, an Aboriginal … [Read more...]

“One boy for sale…”

 May 21, 2013  Black Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years for Selling Kids to the Prison System  A 61 year old judge has been convicted of ‘selling’ prisoners–adults and children- to private prison interests for bribes; … [Read more...]

We ain’t there yet!

May 20, 2013  Vancouver Province – I.M. GreNada We ain’t there yet!  A B.C. lifer reflects on an exchange between two advocates – one a victim’s advocate, the other a conflict mediator.  The views are contextualized by parenting … [Read more...]

Do-it-yourself deluge

May 18, 2013  Toronto Star – Carol Goar Do-it-yourself-law — a trickle becomes a deluge  What do poor people do when charged in court?  They represent themselves!  Here is the distressing description of what poor people go through when … [Read more...]

Wait ’til 8

May 15, 2013  National Offenders Management Services (NOMS) (UK) Wait ‘Til Eight restorative justice guidance launched   NOMS has a new start-up guide for RJ offender-victim conferencing.  The 110 page guide sets up eight preparatory steps … [Read more...]

National RJ Conference

  May 14, 2013  2013 National Restorative Justice Symposium - Toronto, ON Nov. 17-19, 2013  This year's theme: "to promote, develop and grow restorative justice in Canada and around the world by providing new insights at the National … [Read more...]