June 27, 2013  Globe and Mail – Steven Chase Canada looks to put GPS bracelets on more migrants According to testimony before MP’s, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has 400-500 people in detention any given day.  It has only … [Read more...]

Family violence

June 26, 2013   CTV News Incidents of family violence declining: StatsCan  The Family Violence report this year focuses “on the prevalence and nature of family murder-suicides in Canada.”  Stats Canada says that about one quarter of … [Read more...]

Slain child’s mom and C-54

 June 25, 2013  CBC News (Hamilton, ON) Denise Davy Slain child's mom against tougher laws for mentally ill offenders  Sixteen years ago, Lori Triano-Antidormi’s two and a half year old toddler , Zachary,  was stabbed 12 times by a deranged … [Read more...]

The Honourable Dr. Pierre Allard

 June 23, 2013  Advertiser-Register (NS) – Wendy Elliott Restorative justice works: Allard  Both victim and RJ advocate, Dr. Pierre Allard has received his third honorary doctorate, this one from Acadia Divinity College.  “But it was the … [Read more...]


 June 22, 2013   Daily Record and Sunday Mail – (Scotland) Corroborating evidence in criminal trials could be abolished in justice changes Long held to be an essential of criminal justice, corroborating evidence may be eliminated from the … [Read more...]

‘Support’ clubs

June 21, 2013  Calgary Herald - Jason van Rassel Biker gang activity heats up in Alberta  Smaller local motorcycle gangs are a way for Hell’s Angels to expand their memberships through support clubs.  In Alberta, the expansion is because … [Read more...]

Prison culture

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Charter protection or efficiencies

June 18, 2013  Law Times (Canada) – Shannon Kari Paper touts ‘no jail’ option in exchange for reduced Charter protection  On May 16, Lori Sterling, Associate Deputy Minister for the Justice Department, selectively sent out a discussion … [Read more...]

Beverley McLachlin

 June 16, 2013  (Ed note:  Father’s Day may be a good opportunity to celebrate fathers and sons, and to recall that inmates in our prisons and in conflict with the law are in fact often our fathers and sons.  Harshness and violence toward … [Read more...]

The real villain

 June 15, 2013  Graham Stewart Will the real villain step up?  (Here is) another example of the inhumanity we call “correctional facilities” especially when they are neglected by governments that are responsible to operate them. Yesterday … [Read more...]