July 30, 2013  Toronto Star – Guest opinion by Shelia Burns Turning around Ontario lives hurt by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder  The author, a Community Leadership in Justice Fellow, Law Foundation of Ontario, says that fetal alcohol … [Read more...]

NCR in bombing attempt?

 July 29, 2013 Vancouver Sun – Louise Dickson, Times Colonist B.C. Legislature bomb plot accused John Nuttall in psychiatric hospital  Defense lawyer Thomas Morino says that Nutall, (and probably his co-accused Amanda Marie Korody) has been … [Read more...]

The tides of justice?

 July 27, 2013  MacLean’s – Ken MacQueen A closer look at falling crime statistics   MacQueen writes that the costs of policing are skyrocketing while the crime levels fall but that in spite of the contradiction and in spite of the … [Read more...]

Not lower, again?

 July 26, 2013 Globe and Mail – Jill Mahoney Canada’s crime rate drops to lowest level since 1972  The crime rate and the crime severity rate both dropped again in 2012, both by 3%.  Homicides are down by 10%, critics say the crimes in the … [Read more...]


 July 25, 2013  Toronto Star – Carol Goar New ‘Wagemark’ logo for fair-wage companies   Here’s an idea!  How about if there were a logo a company could display when it held to an in-house rule that no executive could be compensated … [Read more...]

Reserve life…

 July 24, 2013  Toronto Star ‘Ordinary Canadians’ get a taste of life on a northern Ontario reserve   A second year law student at Osgood Law School and a grandmother was one of 43 people who dared to accept an invitation to spend a week … [Read more...]

Income inequality

 July 23, 2013 Ottawa Citizen – Barry Carin No clear definition in ‘inequality’ debate  Carin identifies ‘income inequality’ as a key phrase in the international development context this year and then suggests that the term is … [Read more...]

Mental health and criminal justice: a long and dysfunctional relationship (Ed McIsaac)

Mental health and criminal justice have a long and dysfunctional relationship. Inevitably it seems our desire for punishment overtakes both the needs of the individual offender suffering from mental illness and our collective long-term interest in … [Read more...]

New cabinet & victims’ rights

  July 20, 2013 ipolitics.com  - Steve Sullivan What does the new cabinet mean for victims’ rights?   The first Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime and an advocate for victims for over twenty years, Sullivan offers an insightful … [Read more...]

The kinder side

 July 19, 2013  Wheels.ca The kinder side of vigilante justice   Elizabeth Webb and her husband are a different kind of vigilante.  When her car was ransacked, she discovered the cell phone of the culprit and instead of the police, she … [Read more...]