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 July 24, 2013

 Toronto Star
‘Ordinary Canadians’ get a taste of life on a northern Ontario reserve 

 A second year law student at Osgood Law School and a grandmother was one of 43 people who dared to accept an invitation to spend a week on a northern Aboriginal reserve.  Guests lived with local families, even to the third generation, listened to elders, and came to friendship as the tensions evaporated in a new learning experience. 

 The Independent (UK) – Margaret Davis
‘Suicides’ after police custody hit nine-year peak, says watchdog 

 The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been monitoring what happens to people within two days after release from arrest and initial custody.  Over the last year, there have been 64 suicides, up from 39 in the previous year.  A number were charged with sexual offenses, a number were known to have mental illnesses and a number had been previously detained on mental health issues.  

 Mintpress NEWS (US)
Income Inequality Worsens: Ranks of Millionaires Swell As Poor Tread Water 

 The world’s richest 300 now control more wealth than the poorest 3 billion people.  Income disparity between the very wealthy and the very poor is growing.  Tax avoidance for the richest and tax concessions to corporations – including the practice of “trade mispricing’ – are the two key issues depriving countries of funds needed for infrastructure and programs. Related article:  Oxfam Report: The cost of inequality: how wealth and income extremes hurt us all  Related article: Globe and Mail – Phillip Cross and Ian Lee  Why wealth must be included in the inequality debate

 Wall Street Journal – Market Watch (California)
White Paper Outlines Benefits of Pre-Complaint Education Program for Retailers, Offenders and Communities 

 Corrective Education Company and Best, Best and Kreiger LLB have released an RJ white paper intended to educate retail merchants prior to an actual petty theft on how to confront the problem with restorative practices.  White paper pdf download:   

 ABC News (Australia)
Whistleblower claims asylum seekers in Manus Island centre have been raped and abused with full knowledge of staff 

 A former manager with the security company G4S, Rod St. George has described conditions in the immigrant detention center on Mannu Island as so poor that the facility could not serve as a dog kennel.  Worse, St. George says, there is continual rape within the single male compound and daily incidents of self harm and suicide.  related article:  ABC News – Conor Duffy   Nauru detention centre insiders say there were clear warning signs of a riot

 Huffington Post (US) – Molly Rowan Leach
Restorative Justice Is on the Rise 

 This article is a primer in RJ, listing the ills of the justice system and suggesting that what has happened in Colorado around the work of State Representative Pete Lee can be a model for change and offers proof of the time and cost savings as well as the inherent fairness of the RJ approach. 

 Scrapex (UK) – Paul Sanderson
MPs publish guidelines on sentencing for environmental crimes 

 The Justice Committee is responding to a request from judiciary for guidelines for sentencing both individuals and companies for violations of the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 or the latest 2010 Environmental Permitting Regulations.  Related article:   MPs back tough sentences for ‘green’ crimes    House of Commons Justice Committee Report: 

 Time (US) – Bryan Walsh
In Town vs. Country, It Turns Out That Cities Are the Safest Places to Live

 We all believe that the crime rates are going up and that city living is far more dangerous than small town country life.  Walsh offers a convincing challenge to both those long held assumptions and builds in links to sources.