When are we safe?

 Aug 24, 2013  Fox News – Phoenix, AZ 6 immigration activists arrested at protest outside Phoenix ICE facility  In a protest before an ICE detention centre, the daughter a citizen, the mother undocumented ask:  When are we safe?  … [Read more...]

Human rights

 Aug. 23, 2013  Ottawa Citizen Editorial The rights of prisoners   The editorial recalls that inmates in prison do have human rights but that some of the recent happenings are suggesting that officials and institutions charged with the … [Read more...]

Prorogation and C-54

 Aug. 22, 2013  The Tri-Cities Now (Coquitlam, BC) – Jeremy Deutsch Victims disappointed - Prime Minister prorogues and stalls bill C-54  In 2008 in Merritt, BC, Allan Schoenborn killed the three children of Darcie Clark.  C-54 was intended … [Read more...]


 Aug. 21, 2013  Toronto Star - Jennifer Pagliaro Sammy Yatim: Toronto Const. James Forcillo charged with murder in shooting death of man on TTC streetcar   “Good morning justice!” Sammy Yatim’s sister Sarah tweeted when she heard the … [Read more...]


 Aug 19, 2013  Huffington Post – Canadian Press Access to Justice in Canada 'Abysmal,' Report Says   A summary report to the Saskatoon meeting of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) says that access to the law in Canada fails badly for … [Read more...]

Desperate to stay…

 Aug. 18, 2013  Toronto Star – Insight - David Hayes Desperate to stay: Program helps ‘unaccompanied minors’ navigate Canada’s refugee process  The article goes through the immigration process when an unaccompanied minor arrives in … [Read more...]


 Aug. 16, 2013  U.S. Attorney General Smart on Crime: Reforming the Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century  This document, released by the Attorney General offers five goals and five principles for implementing Smart-on-crime.  There are … [Read more...]

Speak up! Action Plan

 Aug. 15, 2013  Truro Daily News Provincial action plan addressing bullying, cyberbullying   Though first launched in February 2013, the province is starting the new school year with a conference featuring a series of 42 individual workshops … [Read more...]

RJ and self-government

 Aug. 14, 2013  The Manitoban (University of Manitoba Student paper)  - Katerina Tefft Canadian justice system failing Aboriginal people   Tefft outlines the ways that the justice system – over-representation, more likelihood of … [Read more...]

No more US mandatory minimums

 Aug. 13, 2013   L.A. Times – David G. Savage 'Mandatory minimum' sentences to end for many drug offenders   US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced what amounts to the end of the federal mandatory minimums for low-level, non-violent … [Read more...]