Mother and infants

 August 1, 2013

Winnipeg Free Press – Randy Turner
‘She’s not a monster’: caregiver    Lisa Gibson a devoted mom, woman says

 Perhaps this most recent case in Winnipeg is a pressing invitation to us all to consider how this tragedy may have been preventable.  How could intervention with this mother of two been more timely, more effective?  What community safety measures could have helped?  “I think there’s a lack of understanding,” she  (a caregiver) said. “Clearly, she was sick. I’m just realizing now that she went for help, she was reaching out. Knowing Lisa… it’s humbled me, because I understand this mental illness is real. She’s not a monster, she’s not a horrible mom. And she just got sick, just like anybody else gets sick with cancer or anything else.”

  Toronto Star – Tim Alamenciak
Sammy Yatim wasn’t a real threat, streetcar witness says

  Aaron Li-Hill, 27, a New York artist, was an eye witness to the Sammy Yatim incident on the TTC.  Li-Hill placed his bicycle between Yatim and the passengers on the street car when Yatim pulled a short blade knife and, according to others, exposed himself.  See other links as well.   Related article and further links: Globe and Mail – Kathryn Blaze Carlson   Toronto witness recalls scene on streetcar before Sammy Yatim’s death

  Montreal Gazette – Peter Huish
Prisoners’ outings are not ‘parole through the back door’

  In rebuttal to the claim that temporary absences, whether escorted or unescorted, are a form of ‘parole by the back door, Huish, Chaplain-Coordinator at Montreal-Southwest Community Ministries, insists that by CSC’s own figures 99% of such TA’s are completed successfully and help in the rehabilitation process and the preparation for release into the community.  “The concern expressed by the Public Safety communications director about “parole through the back door” is misleading, and another thrust in the game of manipulation of public opinion,” says Huish.

  Toronto Star – Jim Bronskill, CP
U.S. wants exemption from Canadian law for cross-border officers, RCMP memo says 

  The US and Canada are trying to establish an agreement where border officers could operate each in the other’s jurisdiction in a joint perimeter security venture.   According to information acquired under the Access to Information, the US wants its officers who will be armed while in Canada exempted from compliance with Canadian Law.   Related article: Globe and Mail – Jim Bronskill, CP  Mounties will keep an eye on U.S. inspectors in border pilot project

  Nuntasiaq-on-line – David Murphy
Iqaluit resident starts Facebook page aimed at curtailing crime

  Iqaluit Crime Prevention and Information went online July 29 and in 24 hours the group had 262 who joined.  Led by Travis Cooper, who will be a candidate in the next territorial election, the group is a response to a great deal of break-and-entry and property theft in Iqaluit.

  Winnipeg Free Press – Mike McIntyre
Easy targets for Thompson’s crimes – Homeless often deal with cold, addiction and mental illness

  A town of 13,124, Thompson is known as the Hub to the North and the population swells as neighbouring people come into Thompson for services.  The biggest local concern is homelessness and among the homeless, 90%, estimates one social worker, are suffering from mental health issues and/or addictions.  This is small town sadness at its most pitiable.  

  Toronto Star – Alicia A. Caldwell
U.S. student abandoned in jail cell gets $4 million 

  The US Drug Enforcement Agency in San Diego paid up $4.1 million quickly to settle a lawsuit brought by a young man arrested in a drug sweep but left in an isolation cell for 5 days without food or water.  

  Oxford University
Discussing violence creates trust among gang members 

  Researchers are suggesting that the more gang members share in discussion around planned and achieved violence, the more they trust each other for combined criminal activity.  Sharing info about violence is even stronger for trust than recruiting family members.  The researchers worked from 1400 phone calls and transcripts of calls intercepted by police exchanged between two Italian gangs.