More tough-on-crime?

  Sept. 26, 2013  Huffington Post – Alison Jones, Canadian Press Harper: Child Sex Crimes to Draw Tougher Penalties   In the case of child sex offenders, and multiple charges and victims, the Harper government wants consecutive rather than … [Read more...]

Rage and gangs

  Sept. 24, 2013  The First Perspective – Winnipeg Free Press Inner-city poverty and racialism drove young aboriginals into gangs   A First Nations commentary on the rise of Aboriginal gangs in Winnipeg and the possible solutions to reduce … [Read more...]


  Sept. 21, 2013  Restorative Works – Joshua Wachtel Rethinking the impact of traditional justice  Mental health counsellor and RJ advocate, Natalie DeFreitas offers some powerful and pointed reflections on crime and how we deal with crime … [Read more...]

Income inequity as an election issue?

 Sept. 20, 2013  Globe and Mail – Armine Yalnizyan Five years of economic recovery have been far from equal   The question of income inequity is getting new focus because it is now seen to slow the recovery and to undermine the notion that … [Read more...]

Local response to crime

 Sept. 19, 2013 Telegram (St. John’s, NF)  Bonnie Belec Thinking outside the box  Faced with what is judged a prosperity driven increase in criminal activity, and a city council election, a slate of candidates is offering a variety of … [Read more...]

Aggressive Seniors

 Sept. 12, 2013  Vancouver Sun – Daniel Fontaine Aging poses new challenges for justice system - Opinion:  We need more attention, resources that addresses issue of aggressive seniors with dementia  Here’s a look at the problem of senior … [Read more...]

Income solution

 Sept. 13, 2013  Globe and Mail  - Michael Babad Would boosting minimum wage help ease the income gap? Given all the recent news around income disparity and the consequences on the economy and on personal lives, the reduction of the income … [Read more...]

Income inequality gaps for Canada

 Sept. 11, 2013   Toronto Star - Heather Scoffield National Household Survey: Richest are middle-aged, white men  The National Household Survey was meant to replace the old, long form of statistics.  The info for 2011 was delayed.  Median … [Read more...]

Youth violence as a health issue

 Sept. 8, 2013  Winnipeg Free Press - Joel Schlesinger  Emergency intervention: Dr. Carolyn Snider is leading a research project that could help stem the tide of violence on Winnipeg's mean streets   What happens when you start to treat … [Read more...]

On dialogue as a place to begin…

Sept. 18, 2013 Vancouver Sun – Carole Taylor Dialogue means talking, listening  -  SFU steps up to give groups a safe place to discuss the economic, social and environmental impact of B.C. issues  The article explains why SFU has stepped … [Read more...]