Income inequity as an election issue?

 Sept. 20, 2013

 Globe and Mail – Armine Yalnizyan
Five years of economic recovery have been far from equal 

 The question of income inequity is getting new focus because it is now seen to slow the recovery and to undermine the notion that in a democracy the economic system works for the majority.  The same trends witnessed in the growing problem in the US are also in Canada but part of the problem is also the lack of data. 

 Gazette (Montreal) – Sue Montgomery
Turcotte case: Isabelle Gaston still seeking justice almost five years after children stabbed to death 

 Guy Turcotte stabbed his two children 47 times.  He was found NCR almost five years ago and is now free while the Crown is appealing the case to the Quebec Court of Appeal.  Turcotte’s former wife and emergency room doctor Isabelle Gaston has taken leave from her duties to right what she sees as the wrong of hired professional psychiatric testimony. 

 Toronto Star – Nicholas Keung
Immigration detainees in Lindsay jail stage protest and hunger strike

 191 immigration ‘holds’ have been transferred from Toronto West Detention center to Lindsay, about two hours east of Toronto.  The move reduced opportunities and added expense for legal and family support.  It also prompted a detainee protest and a hunger strike within the Lindsay facility. 

iPolitics – Olesia Plokhii
Top court rules citizens imprisoned abroad can be denied transfer to Canadian prisons 

 If you are convicted and jailed in a foreign country, the Minister of Public Safety gets to decide if you can serve your sentence in a Canadian prison.  Though there is a domestic law permitting the transfer, the unanimous decision now gives the Canadian government legal grounds to refuse the transfer.    Related article: – Michael Woods   Canada justified in barring prisoner from returning home, Supreme Court rules    

 Toronto Star – Kim Nursall
Scarborough anti-gang program gets federal funds 
 CBC News
Youth violence programs struggling 

 These two articles, one in Scarborough, another in Prince Albert, SK, contrast the problems around funding for community groups doing effective and innovative work around youth justice.  How do we arrive at firing on all cylinders?  Toronto Star link:  Related article: City News (Toronto) Feds announce over $3M in funding to fight Scarborough gangs    CBC link:  

 N. Y. Times –
Reconsidering Young Lifers’ Sentences 

 Last year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that in the case of juveniles, there could be no life without parole sentences anymore.  Now, in the light of quadruple increases in life sentences in the US the Times raises the issue of what to do with historic sentences.  Should all people in prison with LWOP imposed before their 18th birthdays have a new sentencing hearing?  Five experts offer their opinions.  Related article:  Chicago Tribune – Tom Brown, Reuters    Number of U.S. prisoners in for life climbs to new high,0,1371783.story 

 McGill University (Montreal)
Community Engagement Day 2013 (2nd Annual) 

 October 4, 2013, McGill University celebrates its second annual event to mark the community involvement between the university and the city.  The idea is to spotlight opportunities for volunteer engagement around the city.  Some 40 community groups will be on campus to welcome interested people.   Video explanation (2 minutes): 

 Metro News (Toronto)
MaRs launches Social Venture Connection 

 The focus of this investing group is those who are looking for an investment return while achieving a social impact.  Adam Spence is heading a “first of its kind” in North America to mobilize public investment for social good.  The venture aims to connect potential investors with opportunity. 

 Vancouver Province – Sam Cooper
Another suicidal inmate leaps from ‘flight deck’ at North Fraser Pretrial 

 The facility has a third floor balcony known as the ‘flight deck’ from which three mentally ill inmates have killed themselves since 2008 and eight more have attempted suicide since 2001.  The 10 meter high balcony is in a living unit for the mentally ill.  News of the latest event came from another inmate.