Hollow Water hope…

  Oct. 30, 2013  IIRP Blogger Robert Koehler Hope flows from Hollow Water… Chicago Journalist Robert Koehler writes about the experiences of the Hollow Water First Nations Reserve in eastern Manitoba.  Elder Burma Bushie and former crown … [Read more...]

Offensive, again…

 Oct. 29, 2013  Toronto Star – Editorial Whipping cash-starved native schools into shape won’t work - Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt unveils a punitive plan to whip aboriginal schools into shape   The heavy-handed plan has … [Read more...]

Statistical nonsense?

  Oct. 27, 2013  CTV News A Visual Breakdown of Crimes Committed in Canada  Here are a few stats on crime and on the crime severity index in Canada.  So you thought the big cities lead the way?  This sort of reporting will certainly make you … [Read more...]

Halifax citizens’ conversation about safe and healthy communities, Nov 2nd

Halifax Citizens' conversation Halifax details, visually friendly … [Read more...]

Endless detention…

Oct. 24, 2013  Toronto Star – Nicholas Keung Canada urged to release migrants in endless detention   There are a variety of reasons why immigrants can not be returned to the country of origin and therefore can not be deported.  For example, … [Read more...]

Spiritual Roots of RJ

   Oct. 23, 2013   High Banks Entertainment, Ltd Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice  A 24 minute video that offers a multi-faith view of restorative justice and the tenets of faith that support the RJ approach.  The video, published in … [Read more...]

Victims and life without parole?

  Oct. 22, 2013  Globe and Mail – Sean Fine Victims to get louder voice in legal system, Justice Minister says   Here’s a preview of the crime legislations following the speech from the throne.  Peter MacKay intends to change legislation … [Read more...]

$6.90 a day?

 Oct. 21, 2013 CBC News - Maureen Brosnahan Prison inmates' strike over pay spreads - Federal government has cut prisoners' pay by 30%  Top pay per day is $6.90, first established in 1981 but only a few make the top pay; most these days are … [Read more...]

Tough or mean?

  Oct.18, 2013  CBC Radio Are the Conservatives tough on crime, or "mean spirited" in their approach to corrections?  Retired Director General for Corrections Mary Campbell’s assessment of the Harper tough-on-crime policies was reported … [Read more...]

What comes after pain?

  Oct. 18, 2013  Live @U of T What Comes After Pain?  The F Word: The Forgiveness Project Exhibition is in Hart House’s main hall and seeks to explore ideas around how forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict resolution impact positively in … [Read more...]