Spiritual Roots of RJ

   Oct. 23, 2013 

 High Banks Entertainment, Ltd
Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice

 A 24 minute video that offers a multi-faith view of restorative justice and the tenets of faith that support the RJ approach.  The video, published in October 2013, features a host of well known Canadian RJ advocates – many who are victims of horrendous crimes – and includes commentary from inmates undergoing various RJ processes.  A powerful and sensitive presentation for anyone looking for deeper appreciation for the spiritual and human toll the practice of RJ takes.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8ZrkWYm1GU&feature=youtube_gdata  Related article:  Moose Jaw Times Herald – Justin Crann   The business of changing lives   http://www.mjtimes.sk.ca/News/Local/2013-10-21/article-3435619/The-business-of-changing-lives/1  

CBC Doc Zone
NCR: Not criminally responsible 

 The Toronto Star called it “Stunning…a break through documentary.”  The documentary by John Kastner is most helpful to understand the recent controversy around the treatment and eventual release of those found not criminally responsible.  It’s a 45 minute video unfortunately available only from within Canada.    http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/episodes/not-criminally-responsible  Related article: Toronto Star – Martin Knelmann    NCR: Not Criminally Responsible gets new life   http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/2013/10/02/ncr_not_criminally_responsible_gets_new_life.html  

 Georgia Straight.com – Joseph Fearon
Prison is the punishment 

 Fearon is a lawyer in Vancouver who writes for Reasonable Doubt.  The focus here is a description of a tour of a prison on Vancouver Island that insists in the shadows of the sights that prison is not the place you go for punishment but prison is the punishment.  Overcrowding, mental illness, underfunding, under-staffing all contribute to the problem.  http://www.straight.com/news/512976/reasonable-doubt-prison-punishment  

 Business in the Community (UK)
Ban the Box

 Job applications often have a box that asks applicants to tick if they have a criminal record.  This campaign is a creative approach to illustrate how desperate an applicant becomes as the process and dismissal advances.  Click on the “Skip the ad” button to see for yourself.  The site itself offers more commentary on the difficulty of finding willing employers for former inmates.   http://www.bitc.org.uk/banthebox 

 The Scotsman –
Prison pilot scheme aims to stop reoffending 

 The tactic is to deal with the addiction and mental health issues from the time the inmate arrives until a year after release.  Called the Public Social Partnership, the approach seeks to assist in the myriad of practical problems faced on release as well.  It is slated for a three year test and has seen 237 since May.    http://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland/top-stories/prison-pilot-scheme-aims-to-stop-reoffending-1-3149947 

UN Wants to Investigate California Prisons for Torture 

 UN special rapporteur for torture Juan Mendez, himself a victim of torture in the 70’s in Argentina, was asked to inspect the California prison system by the striking inmates but to date neither the State Department nor the Governor of California has responded to the on site inspection request.  The focus is on the practice of solitary confinement.    http://www.allgov.com/usa/ca/news/california-and-the-nation/un-wants-to-investigate-california-prisons-for-torture-131022?news=851453