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  Jan. 8, 2014

 Winnipeg Free Press – Rick Linden

Police alone can’t cut crime rate

 The city, the police and many of the community organizations have set up an innovative community crime prevention program called Block-by-Block which tackles crime as the title suggests.  Focused on prevention and early intervention, on social development, and on a new policy of cooperation with community groups by the police.  The author of the article is chair of the Manitoba Police Commission and a criminologist at the University of Manitoba.

 Public Safety Canada

The Stop Now and Plan Program – SNAP Crime Prevention in Action 

 A promising but preliminary report from the National Center for Crime Prevention on SNAP, the evidence based approach to helping children with impulse control in an early intervention model.  Full report in pdf format:

 Canadianopoly: Julian Ward

Restorative Justice in Canada 

 This link contains a three part conversation between the author and two well known RJ advocates in Canada: Brian McDonough, the director of the Social Action Office at the Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal, and David Daubney, a former PC member of parliament (’84-’88) and co-chair of the Smart Justice Network.  First part, RJ itself, second, the history of RJ and third, the Harper government and RJ.  

 Times Colonist (Victoria, BC) – Drew A. Penner

It’s a first: Young killer applies to serve sentence in federal pen

 A 19 year old youth convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to seven years in custody – four in prison and three in the community – has applied successfully to serve the rest of his prison sentence in federal custody, a very unusual request and one made to better access programs and visiting with family.

 Architecture Daily News (US)

Implementing Restorative Justice in Prison Design 

 New things are happening in prison design architecture. Raphael Sperry, founder of Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility, wants the Architectural Institute of America, to prohibit members from designing death chambers and solitary cells.  Glen Santayana, a student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, wants to integrate prison with school of criminology.  Deanna VanBuren, a principle of FOURM Design Studio, wants RJ principles enunciated in prison design.  

 WGBH Public Radio (Boston) – Psychcentral – Patrick Tracy

Crime: Illness/Punishment: Death 

A 911 call to police for help during a psychotic episode with their son brought unexpected results.  18 year old Keith Vidal was tasered, tackled by two cops and finally shot by the third police officer who responded.  A two part series in which the second part walks through the Massachusetts mental health court approach, in turn a response to over reaction to mental health crisis by police.  

 The Telegraph (UK) – David Barrett

Lord Stevens admits police have been ‘fiddling’ crime figures for years 

 A former Scotland Yard commissioner has admitted that police have been regularly ‘fiddling’ the crime statistics and Lord Stevens is calling for immediate inquiry into the practice among police forces throughout the UK.  Stevens was giving evidence before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.   Related article:  The Guardian:  Andrew Sparrow   Politics Live Blog