Yet another glaring failure…

 Jan. 12, 2013

 CBC News – Susana Mas
First Nations treaty talks with Ottawa end in ‘failure’ – The Assembly of First Nations received $400,000 to fund a committee on treaties that never met 

The Assembly of First Nations and the federal government were to meet following a meeting a year ago between leaders and Prime Minister Harper.  Despite the $400,000 budget received from the feds, a group of AFN chiefs ordered the attempt to meet ended last week and Chief Perry Bellegarde, the chair of the committee appointed by AFN to lead the talks, confirmed Friday that no meeting had ever happened.

Calgary Herald/Postmedia News – Michael Den Tandt 
Tories want to end bullying? Physicians, heal thyselves 

 We have seen several reactions to the C-13 legislation around cyberbullying.  This article outlines a broad picture of the various impacts of both cyberbullying itself and the context for cyberbullying beyond kids who bullying one another.

 CBC TV News Analysis 
2015 election campaign already underway – Despite an October 2015 fixed election date, the campaign has already started

The tie gone and the sweater back is suggesting the softer Harper is back in election mode in anticipation of the next federal election.  The themes are back again for a new PR push.  “Patriotism, economic recovery and growth and the danger presented by political alternatives were on offer during his stops over the past few days.”  

Toronto Star – Liam Casey
Gregory Alan Elliott: Frustrations boil over in Twitter harassment trial

Believed to be the first ever trial for harassment using Twitter, the case has a confusing 10 month exchange involving a third party who had authored a game depicting what appeared to be a battered woman.  

Globe and Mail – Dean Beeby
Federal lawyers uniquely positioned in coming 2014 labour turmoil 

The feds are preparing for labour turmoil in a complete review of the salary and work of civil servants in 2014 and to prepare for the anticipated struggle the feds have just adjusted the lawyers’ salary by 12%.  6/10 of the government’s lawyers also earn a 7% bonus.   

The Atlantic (US) – Andrew Cohen
When Good People Do Nothing: The Appalling Story of South Carolina’s Prisons 

The article is a frightful indictment of neglect at all levels of government and society.  Michael Baxley, a state judge in Columbia, ruled that South Carolina prison officials were culpable of pervasive, systemic, unremitting violations of the state’s constitution by abusing and neglecting mentally ill inmates.  There is enough blame for others as well as prison officials.  Link to 45 page pdf ruling by state judge on the prison conditions:  

 Daily Mail on Line:  Martin Beckford
Nine million pound blitz to stop police fiddling the crime figures: Forces to have statistics examined every year 

Given the furor over the widespread concession by police themselves that they are fiddling with the crime statistics, this development is not surprising.  The inspectorate of \police gets an additional amount to supervise and prevent cooking the crime books by police.