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Smart Justice Network of Canada fully endorses…

Police and community Partnerships National Symposium

March 26, 27, 2014 – National Arts Center, Ottawa

 Co-Chaired by Supt. Shirley Cuillierrier, RCMP, Insp. Jim Potts RCMP and OPP (retired),  Judge Barry D. Stuart,  Yukon Territorial Court, Retired

PURPOSE: This Symposium will engage participants to:

1. Explore effective responses that work in building  partnerships

2. Produce a set of practical best practices to support  partnerships among all sectors of the community to engage  their collective resources in responding to the challenges  families and communities confront in becoming safer  and healthier

3. Generate strategies to overcome barriers to collaborative  community partnerships

4. Consider innovative uses of social financing to provide  sustainable independent funding for community based  partnerships

This Symposium will draw best practices from collaborative  community based partnerships and smart justice initiatives from  across Canada and in the United States.

Sponsored by Pacific Business and Law Institute Link:

Symposium Contact:  Pauline Cusack

Globe and Mail – Editorial
Truth in Sentencing Act: Crime, time and where to draw the line 

The 2009 legislation is now under challenge in the Supreme Court.  Most judges have been recognizing time in custody as meriting 1.5 times applied against the eventual sentence in a conviction.  The act calls for one-to-one except where judges determine exceptional circumstances.  Many of the judges are invoking the exceptional in all the cases, a response now to be weighed by the Supreme Court.   Related article: Chronicle Herald Times (Halifax)   Paul McLeod   N.S. case tests Tories’ crime bill   Related article:  Toronto Star – Jennifer Pagliaro  Mandatory minimum gun sentences battled in Toronto courts

 Southwestern  – Gail Martin
Township to pursue restorative justice in WMC vandalism spree

Woolwich Township is hoping to response to some serious vandalism in the town’s Memorial Centre which occurred on New Year.  Calling the vandalism “unprecedented and senseless” the town council is offering a RJ approach for accountability to two 13 year olds.

 Digital Journal
South Los Angeles takes center stage at national crime forum as model of police-community

Part of Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the approach to crime reduction in tough neighbourhoods is basic community development:  quality housing, active businesses and safe spaces for families.  The focus involves strong police-community partnerships and neighbourhood revival.   LISC link:

 2014 Victim Advisory Committee Symposium
Building Resiliency

Thursday,  Feb. 27, 2014 – 9:00 AM – 4:15 PM   Oshawa  Courthouse  150 Bond St East, Oshawa – Jury Assembly Room # 2211    Speakers: Shannon Moroney, Margot Van Sluytman, Murray Hillier   Registration: 1-877-232-2610  

 The Micah Mission (Saskatoon)
10,000 Healing Steps:  Resilience and Community

 A two day conference with Greg Boyle, SJ,  of the Los Angeles Home Boys Industries; other noteables Dr. Mark Totten and Judge Murray Sinclair.  The conference will focus on what one can do to support those trying to leave a gang culture.

 Bloomberg Business Week News –
Davos Finds Inequality Its Business as Backlash Seen 

  Normally a pre-occupation of the protest groups, the income inequality has become a focus for the elite business community gathered in Davos for their annual meeting on how the world economies are doing.  “A poll of Bloomberg subscribers released this week found 58 percent view income disparity as a brake on economic growth, with 68 percent urging governments to confront the problem.”  (CF videos as well)  Related article:  CNBC News   As wealth gap grows, charities left to fill void