Apr 3, 2014

 CBC News
Baffin Correctional Centre ‘appalling’ and should be closed, report says 

 The Office of the Correctional Investigator has termed conditions in the Nunavut centre “appalling” and calls for closure of the facility, declaring that the conditions are “beyond acceptable standards for safe and humane custody.”

 Globe and Mail – Julian Beltrami, Canadian Press
Canada’s 86 wealthiest have as much as the 11.4-million poorest, report finds 

 Politicians and academics alike are in disagreement over who is in the middle class but there is no doubt that the top riches 86 persons in Canada are steadily getting richer.  They have more money than the 11.4 poorest in Canada; the rate has increased from a ratio of 10.1 in 1999.  The latest study by David Macdonald of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is introducing the term ‘wealth inequality’  vs income inequality.  Related article: Global TV  Canada’s 86 wealthiest people could buy New Brunswick, study says   Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative 2014 Report on Wealth (22 page pdf):  

 Toronto Star – Alyshah Hasham
Cemetery rapist declared dangerous offender 

 Superior Court Justice John McMahon who called a sexual assault  on a lady while visiting the gravesite of her mother “a horrific and brutal attack”  invoked a rarely used sentence of indeterminate custody on Russell Kirkpatrick, 48, in Scarborough.  The sentence means Kirkpatrick will have his first parole hearing seven years after his arrest and then every two years after.  There is also a $4.25 million lawsuit by the victim against Kirkpatrick, the cemetery and the security company on the grounds.

 Nelson Star (BC)
Restorative justice program coming to Nelson  

 Restorative Justice Program Coordinator Gerry Sobie and Nelson Police Sergeant Dino Falcone are determined to bring RJ to their town.  The article includes a description of RJ and an invitation for volunteer involvement as well as the links to other BC programs.

Sawbonna: Margot Van Sluytman
The personal is the political 

 Blogger and justice activist Margot invites us to look at the connection between the personal and the professional lives we lead.  The connection also invites us to realize that the political is also a cloth woven in the same overlap.  

 U of T – Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies – Professor Anthony Doob, Rosemary Gartner et al
Criminological Highlights

 The department produces a periodic newsletter that looks at the research around current issues.  Each issue has eight articles referenced and offers a one page summary of the conclusions for the particular piece of research.  For the seriously inquisitive around the criminal justice system, this newsletter is an excellent starting point.  There is an archive as well and papers on current topics surveying the research.  Subscription to the Highlights is free and available through e-mail.  (go to bottom of page)

 Britt News Tribune (Louisiana)
Special Kids Special Love ‘Community Safety Event’ to be held April 5 

 Here is an article with a new thought about how to protect autistic and special needs children in public spaces and how to protect them in an emergency.  The safety event will include first responders and the general public and reflects concern over the growing number of autistic children.   

 W5 – F.E.A.T.

F.E.A.T. is a small agency that works across Ontario to encourage contact between family members, especially the children, and incarcerated parents and relatives.  The agency offers support and transportation to facilitate visits.  W5 on CTV has a program about the work on Saturday, April 5 at 7 PM and will re-run on Sunday at 4PM.