Safety in jail?

To our readers… Canada Day wishes:  A more just and compassionate Canada   June 30, 2014  Toronto Star – Wendy Gillis Inquest juries speak out on jail hanging deaths. Is anybody listening?  138 people have hanged themselves while in … [Read more...]


  June 29, 2014  Toronto Star – Edward Greenspon and Anthony Doob Stephen Harper's incoherent approach to crime  Lawyer Greenspon and U of T Professor Doob attempt to find a rationale in the various changes and new laws brought in by Harper … [Read more...]

A long time coming…

 June 27, 2014  Globe and Mail – Sean Fine Supreme Court expands land-title rights in unanimous ruling The SCC has declared that Aboriginals still own their ancestral land unless they signed away the title in treaties with the government.  … [Read more...]

Violence in Youth Centre

  June 26, 2014  Toronto Star – Patty Winsa Self-defence training, protective equipment ordered for youth jail guards after attacks, union says  The Roy McMurtry Youth Centre in Brampton has had several recent incidents of violence in which … [Read more...]


June 25, 2014  Globe and Mail – Eden Robinson How Gateway stokes a simmering fury among B.C. natives Here’s an explanation for the bitter resentment of BC Coastal Aboriginals around the Gateway pipeline.  The author belongs to a small first … [Read more...]

Mental health, justice and human rights…

 June 22, 2014  Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario and the Ontario Human Rights Commission CMHA Ontario supports OHRC policy on mental health disabilities and addictions  A report released on June 19 calls for new approaches to deter … [Read more...]

Victim Research…

  June 19, 2014  Canadian Families and Corrections Network (CFCN) - Dr. Stacey Hannem and Louise Leonardi Family - Victim Research: Needs and Characteristics (Ontario Region)  The 56 page report (downloadable pdf) is specific to the Ontario … [Read more...]

Summer policing

   June 17, 2014  Toronto Star – Patty Winsa Community activists concerned about TAVIS policing   Some neighbourhood groups and the Toronto police have a disagreement about what is needed over the summer months.  TAVIS is Toronto … [Read more...]

The containment state…

  June 15, 2014  The Mainlander (Vancouver)  - Aiyanas Ormond The emergence of the neoliberal containment state in Canada | Part I  A fascinating analysis of the Canada we have become!  The ‘containment state’ is the term Ormond uses … [Read more...]

Right of Privacy

  June 13, 2014  National Newswatch – Canadian Press Court says warrant needed for Internet info   The case before the SCC involves a Saskatchewan man accused of child pornography.  The court has ruled that police need a warrant to get … [Read more...]