How many more…

 Aug 25, 2014  

 Globe and Mail – Kathryn Blaze Carlson
How many more women will it take, asks family of slain teen Tina Fontaine  

The story of yet another Aboriginal woman is traced out of a tragic personal history compounded by the senseless act of violence.  Carlson describes her young life and family before the murder.    Related article: Globe and Mail Editorial  (Aug. 22, 2014)  How to stop an epidemic of native deaths   Related article:  Toronto Star – Editorial (Aug 22, 2014)    Stephen Harper is wrong on murdered aboriginal women    Related article: Toronto Star – Julie Kay and Daniel Beland    Stephen Harper’s dangerous refusal to ‘commit sociology’   Related article: Toronto Star – Eric Andrew-Gee     Aboriginal men murdered at higher rate than aboriginal women  Related article: National Newswatch:  Canadian Press  Harper on wrong side of history in opposition to aboriginal inquiry: Trudeau  Related article:   National Newswatch – Maria Babbage   Harper wrong on aboriginal women inquiry: Wynne  Related article:  Ottawa Citizen – Scott Reid    Harper has to call an inquiry into crimes against aboriginal women (Vancouver, BC) – Travis Lupick
Stephen Harper’s tough-on-crime agenda linked to increasingly dangerous prisons 

The numbers are up for assaults, sexual assaults, attempted suicides and the use of solitary.  Overcrowding is a major factor across the country.  Treatment for mental illness is underfunded and like, programs, often simply not available.  Prison authorities know the problems says Correctional investigator Howard Sapers.

 Herald Sun (Melbourne, AU)  – Mark Buttler
Canadian drug gangs getting rich off Aussie ice dumping  

Australia seems to pay much better for street drugs like cocaine and ice (methamphetamine) according to police sources in Vancouver and Melbourne.  Naturally, the criminals are following the drug shipments, some staying longer than they had allowed for.

 CBC News – Laura Payton
Federal Court allows more latitude for refugee appeals – Refugee Appeals Division should consider all facts in appeals, not just whether legal errors made 

The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board has been told that appeals may be based not just on procedural errors but also the board can overturn a ruling based on the merits of the case as well.  In other words, the RAD as an appeal court must examine the decision of the lower body and can decide that a ruling was just plain wrong.  In the case of three refugees from Kosovo the RAD had upheld a determination of the Refugee Protection Division without reviewing the case.  Government can appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal if it so wishes.

 Globe and Mail – David McLaughlin
Five ways to renew the public service 

A former chief of staff to the Prime Minister takes the occasion of the appointment of new Clerk of the Privy Council to reflect on a demoralized civil service and what Janice Charette, the new Clerk and head of the civil service, needs to do to restore both the role of the public service in government and its morale.  He has five pointed suggestions.