Talk of terrorism…

  Jan 22, 2015 – Douglas Quan, Postmedia News
Canadian law professors warn against criminalizing online glorification of terrorism 

Two Law professors – Craig Forcese of the University of Ottawa and Kent Roach of the University of Toronto – think that there remains a nebulous connection between radicalized boasting on the internet and actual violence and the failure to maintain a distinction may impinge on freedom of expression and create difficult constitutional grounds.  They want caution.  Criminalizing of radical speech could have the immediate result of driving it underground.

CBC News – Laura Payton
Refugee health-care advocates criticize government inaction – Lawyer for doctors, refugee advocates to argue government avoiding compliance with November decision

The Federal Court of Canada ordered the restoration of health benefits to refugees last July.  Judge Anne Mactavish gave the federal government until Nov. 4, 2913, to end putting lives at risk, especially those of children.  Now, on Tuesday of next week, Lorne Waldman, a lawyer for Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, will ask the federal court to force compliance of the government with the July order.

 Huffington Post (US) – Alexa Van Brunt
5 Ways the US Criminal Justice System Violates Human Rights — And How We Can Do Better

Here’s a commentary on odd report from a Northwestern University law professor.  The Global Centre to Support Human Rights, an Iranian supported organization, has released a critique of the US justice system.  Despite the origins and perhaps hypocrisy involved, Van Brunt offers five areas where the report suggests conflict between US justice practices and norms of human rights.

 London Evening Standard (UK) – Martin Bentham
Punishment for all gang members if one carries out a violent crime

London’s colourful mayor Boris Johnson wants to send a message to gang members who commit violent offences by fixing the punishment for one member’s crime on all members of the gang.  Called the Shield scheme and borrowed from several US cities, including Boston, Chicago and LA, the scheme calls in the gang members for warning, and offers help in escaping the gangs as an alternative.

 Leader-Post (Regina) – Emma Graney
Crown seeks adult sentence in Regina teen murder case

The case involves two 16 year old boys accused of first degree murder of 16 year old Hannah Leflar.  The crown has served notice of intent to apply for adult sentences if the boys are found guilty.

 BBC News
Davos: The state of the world in seven snowballs 

Swedish Professor Hans Rosling uses seven snowballs to visualize the current state of income inequality.  A 3 minute 47 video illustrates the points Rosling makes.  He says that the global world is doing better on income inequality but individual countries are losing ground.  The site includes a variety of news videos on the annual Davos conference.   Related article: BBC News   Chief executives are less optimistic about the economy this year than last, a survey unveiled at the World Economic Forum suggests   Related article: The Guardian (UK)   Seumas Milne   The Davos oligarchs are right to fear the world they’ve made   Related article:  Globe and Mail (Toronto) – Tavia Grant    Business leaders warned about ‘staggering’ global wealth gap   Related article: Globe and Mail – Don Tapscott     Davos: Wealth inequalities and the collapse of trust