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     Feb 8, 2015

Hill Times-on-line – Mark Burgess
PM Harper ratchets up ‘secure in our homes’ anti-terrorism rhetoric as a wedge issue 

The article reviews the issues and the concerns of Canadians with the strategy of the political parties.  Security has risen as a concern from 6% to 18% and the Conservatives want to push the terrorism agenda in the hope of capturing more support.  Most researchers are suggesting that the economy is still the highest concern of voters.  http://www.hilltimes.com/news/news/2015/02/09/pm-harper-ratchets-up-secure-in-our-homes-anti-terrorism-rhetoric-as-a-wedge-issue/40998

 The Guardian (UK)
‘We record all the killing of women by men. You see a pattern’

Femicide Census: Profiles of Women Killed by Men is to be launched in the UK this coming Thursday.  Women’s groups want the women killed by men linked by the narratives behind the murders rather than just by statistics.  The effort is led by Ingala Smith – chief executive of London-based domestic violence charity Nia Project – together with Women’s Aid and the legal firm Freshfields, will mean a public tally of the dead is kept in a more formal manner, using police statistics as well as court reports and presenting a more comprehensive version of the events in the murders.  The groups think the data will be helpful to researchers as well.   http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/feb/08/killing-of-women-by-men-record-database-femicide

 Herald Tribune (Sarasota, FL) – Editorial (Feb 8, 2015)
Florida’s mental-health crisis 

The editorial points out that very few mentally ill people ever resort to violence.  At the same time, with neglect of treatment and services to the mentally ill the state “can expect to reap the consequences.”  The editorial thinks that the pain from personal tragedies that it lists in some recent incidents are part of the cost of neglecting mental health and that are found in needless violence and crime.  http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20150208/OPINION/302089997?p=1&tc=pg

 Toronto Star – Laurie Monsebraaten
Why are children in CAS care described like criminals? 

Let’s be clear.  Thousands of children are apprehended by Children’s Aid and put on probation every year without committing any crime.  The criminal like vocabulary is part of the Child and Family Services Act and advocates want the offensive language removed in the current five review process.  Critics think the best guide for the changes may be the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Marv Bernstein, a legal advisor for UNICEF Canada and for the Toronto Catholic Children’s Aid says:  “…we feel it’s important to convey a strong message to children and families that they are respected, that we want to humanize their situation.”   http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2015/02/06/why-are-children-in-cas-care-described-like-criminals.html

 CBC News –
‘Utterly shocking’: Experts say sex assault reports on Canadian campuses too low

The CBC has inquired of 87 post-secondary colleges and universities the number of reported sexual assaults over the last five years.  Some answered, some did not, some keep those stats, some don’t and the methods used vary.  The initial report says that there have been over 700 reported over the last five years and experts are claiming that number is far too low. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sex-assault-reports-on-canadian-campuses-too-low-say-experts-1.2948321   Related article:  CBC News  Sex assault reports on Canadian campuses too low, say experts   http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sex-assault-reports-on-canadian-campuses-too-low-say-experts-1.2948321

 Globe and Mail – Gloria Galloway and Katheryn Blaze Carlson
Tory ministers agree to attend round table on missing aboriginal women

Status of Women Minister Kellie Leitch and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt say they will attend the Feb. 27 roundtable ending speculation of a federal boycott of the between the premiers and the Aboriginal leaders.  “Proponents of a national inquiry say the issue of murdered and missing indigenous women cannot be addressed through criminal-justice measures alone – that leaders and communities must examine the underlying problems, such as poverty and discrimination, and tackle them head-on in cities and on reserves.”    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/tory-ministers-agree-to-attend-round-table-on-missing-aboriginal-women/article22854528/

 Toronto Star – Patty Winsa
More U.S. soldiers could be sent back for court martial on desertion charges

Eight US soldiers who fled the US for Canada as resisters to the Iraq war have been denied permanent residence by Immigration Canada and four more have been served with removal orders.  The resisters are likely facing court martial and jail time, in spite of the twice passed Parliamentary motion – first in 2008 and again in 2009 – to create a program to allow resisters and spouses to acquire permanent resident status.  Government has never acted on the motions.  http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2015/02/08/more-us-soldiers-could-be-sent-back-for-court-martial-on-desertion-charges.html

 Imperial Valley News – David Grusky and Clifton B. Parker, Stanford University (US)
Research shows dramatic differences in poverty throughout U.S.

Guess what?  The levels and differences in the way poverty is confronted makes for a very varied picture throughout the fifty states, such that says David Grusky, “it matters a lot where the stork drops the child.”  The news comes in an annual state of the union report on poverty.  The report adds four other factors that impact on the poverty found in various states and regions. http://www.imperialvalleynews.com/index.php/news/national-news/1471-research-shows-dramatic-differences-in-poverty-throughout-u-s.html