Parole, as it should work…

    May 13, 2015

Canadian Press – Chris Purdy
Full parole for man convicted in Mayerthorpe RCMP shooting deaths

The practice of parole around certain cases always seems to generate heat but little understanding of the rationale and practice of the parole services.  Shawn Hennessey was convicted in 2009 and sentenced to 10 years.  The normal practice is to move into full parole after two thirds of the sentence is served so that correctional authorities can supervise the re-entry process and the conditions imposed on the remaining period of parole.  The National Parole Board had previously allowed Hennessey day parole and found him ready for full parole.

 CBC News – Melissa Mancini
Medical marijuana payouts to Atlantic Canada veterans lead country -65% of payouts for pot go to veterans on East Coast, who account for 14% of all veterans

The federal government spent $5.2 million last year on prescribed medical marijuana – $3.4 million or 65% for veterans in Atlantic Canada where collectively in the four Atlantic Provinces only 14% of veterans live.  One vet, Fabien Henry in NB, may take a goodly amount of credit for the stat because he runs a company – Marijuana for Trauma – with links to doctors and regularly directs other vets to doctor willing to prescribe the drug.

 CBC News
Global cyberbullying target of Five Eyes meeting hosted by Canada

Five Eyes is the name for the five countries that share intelligence around terrorism: US, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada.  Canada has formed a working group with its allies in Five Eyes to combat international cross border threats such as found in cyberbullying.  Mackay expects that new legislation, so far unspecified, will come from the Fives Eyes Working Group which has already met and will report later its findings.   Related article: ACLU (US) – Patrick Toomey and Noa Yachot    Why Today’s Landmark Court Victory Against Mass Surveillance Matters Related two minute video:  “The NSA is Coming to Town”:

 Justice for (US)
Unlocking Human Dignity: A Plan to Transform the US Immigrant Detention System 

A new report offering a plan to transform the US immigration prison system has just been published by Justice for Immigration, an organization of the US Catholic Conference.  The report follows a statement by the US and Mexico Bishops called Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope (Cf  ) 2 page Executive Summary of Justice for Immigrants   Full report (A 44 page pdf)   Related article:  Fox News Latino –  Pope Francis expected to weigh in on U.S. bishops’ report on immigration detention centers

 News and Observer (NC) – Robert Korstad and Adrienne Harreveld
Want to stop violent crime and racist policing? Fight poverty first

The city of Durham, in the light of the potential for racist policing, recently invoked the help of the US Department of Justice to examine its circumstances around violent crime.  The DoJ report was found puzzling; critics claimed that the report only addressed the symptoms of crime and its recs were already rejected as too costly and having failed already in many other places.   “Issues of race, poverty and education levels come to a crux at the criminal justice system. Histories of racist private and public policies compound, and we are left at a moment of crisis. Durham has taken an important step in reviewing the police department and crime. But until we address poverty, we will continue to confront extreme violence in our communities and leave our children vulnerable and ill-equipped for the future.

 Citylabs (US) – Tanvi Misra
The Case for Giving Homes to the Homeless – It might seem obvious, but in lots of cities it’s also proved quite effective.

No matter the issue, adequate housing is always part of the solution.  Social activists are increasing persuaded it is the first and most essential response to getting people to stand on their own two feet.  Misra identifies some of the social and financial advantages of providing homeless people with secure and permanent housing.   Related article: Vancouver Sun – Lori Culbert  Welfare system ‘discriminates’ against those who need it: report – Advocates ask B.C. ombudsperson to investigate