Protecting children…

    Dec. 7, 2015

 Toronto Star – Laurie Monsebraaten
Ontario children’s advocate gets right to learn of child deaths

This revelation has to be the ultimate in the left hand not knowing what the right was doing.  Irwin Elman, Ontario’s Provincial Child Advocate, has finally succeeded in getting the right to know and be informed about the death or serious injury of children who are under care of the province’s child care services. Insignificant you think?  Every year between 90 and 120 children are dying while in care.   Related article: Globe and Mail  Wendy Stueck   Caregivers at B.C. group homes had criminal records, probe finds

Globe and Mail – Stephanie Marin
Guy Turcotte found guilty of second-degree murder in deaths of his kids

After deliberating for seven days a Quebec jury has found Guy Torcotte guilty of two counts – his two young children – of second degree murder.  Turcotte raised anger when he was first found not guilty by reason of insanity – NCR.  The Crown successfully appealed the initial verdict and an appeal court refused to hear Turcotte’s bid for an appeal of the reversal.  The sentence is still to come but a life sentence – 10-25 years is expected.   Related article: Rosie DiManno   Second trial convicts Guy Turcotte in fatal stabbing of his children

 Globe and Mail – Barbara Balfour
ONLINE EDUCATION: ‘Practically free’ university is changing lives

Ivah Camille Baban is a Filipino nanny doing housework and looking after two children who happened to listen one day while working to a Ted talk by University of the People president Shai Reshef who described a on-line university studies program with little cost.  “With more than 2,000 students registered from more than 150 countries, UoPeople is the world’s first non-profit, near-tuition-free, accredited online university.”

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Foundation (CACP) –
Dollars and Sense of Policing – Summary Paper

The cost of policing has been a point of discussion for some time now and is not going away.  The document suggests that there are complex issues and equally complex and changing factors driving these costs.  The link is to a six page download in pdf format.

National Newswatch – Don Lenihan
Openness: Will it change the way Canadians are governed?

Lenihan, a leading international expert on democracy and Senior Associate, Policy for Canada 2020 offers an explanation about how the throne speech translates into policy making involving both the research, preparation and implementation of new legislation.  Says Lenihan:  “Success over the long-term requires the right skills and expertise. It also requires policy processes that are explicitly designed to ensure that the process is transparent AND that decision-making is collaborative.”

Toronto Star – Tanya Talaga
One rape. A hate crime. Thunder Bay’s simmering divides come to light – Every city has an ugly underbelly, and the picturesque city of Thunder Bay, located on the northwestern shores of Lake Superior, is no different. 

The article draws attention to an often silent dimension in the issue of murdered and missing Indigenous women: a deeply buried and intense racism that appears to legitimize the crimes.  Some of Canada’s cities are at least at the point of acknowledging the problem but many are at a loss about how to right the problem.   Related article: Toronto Star – Jennifer Wells   The story of Lorna Blacksmith and the man who killed her   Related article: Toronto Star – Jennifer Wells, Tanya Talaga, Rita Daly    No rest, no peace for aboriginal women discarded by killers   Related article: Toronto Star:  Joanna Smith   Pain is ‘never-ending’ for children of missing and murdered indigenous women

Gigapixel Cameras in the public square…

Here is a sample of the power of a camera used in monitoring public gatherings and not available on the private market.  Click your mouse or roll the wheel to see how detailed the picture becomes.