Body Cameras…

March 3, 2016

Independent (UK) – Paul Peachey
How the police’s body-worn camera technology is changing the justice system

The Metropolitan Police in London, England,  have 22,000 body cameras in play – a £3.5 million investment – and are beginning to acknowledge that the presence of body cameras is changing the way the justice system works and the frequency of complaints against police, now down by one third.  Perhaps there are some lessons for the consideration of equipping our front line police with body cameras.

CBC News
Moving female inmates to HMP makes ‘no sense at all,’ says women’s council

Overcrowding in women’s prisons is leading Corrections to the decision to move 14 women inmates into the St. John’s Penitentiary, already itself overcrowded and allegedly unsafe for women, a move that highlights several more systemic problems in the Newfoundland justice system, especially the spike in the number of women inmates and the lack of alternatives.   Says Jenny Wright, executive director of the St. John’s Status of Women Council:  “…transferring the women is yet another problematic instance of the way Newfoundland and Labrador deals with addiction and mental health.”

Ottawa Citizen – Kathryn May
Trudeau makes first shakeup of top PS ranks

Trudeau has made a number of changes in the Public Service personnel at the deputy minister level, some retiring and some transferred to new portfolios.  Public Safety, Transportation and Infrastructure, Aboriginal Affairs, and Global development are some of the ministries impacted to date.     Related article: iPolitics – Amanda Connolly   Syrian refugee special advisor promoted in senior public servant shake up

National Post – Andrew Duffy, Postmedia News
Justin Trudeau’s brother lobbies Liberals to not deport terror suspect Mohamed Harkat

Harkat is in jail under the infamous security certificate which allows the arrest and detention of terror suspect under very murky and often secret legal process.  Alexandre (Sasha) Trudeau, now a film maker, made an exception to his practice of not lobbying the Liberals because he has been an advocate for over 10 years.  Sasha joins a number of prominent Canadians – Elizabeth May, Stephen Lewis, Maher Arar, Dennis Edney –  in the appeal against deportation of Harkat whose family is here in Canada.    Related article:  National Newswatch – Will Leroy, Canadian Press   PM must avoid Harkat file due to brother’s involvement: watchdog group

Toronto Star – Wendy Gillis and Jim Rankin
Human Rights Commission seeks to intervene in ‘Neptune Four’ case

Two police constables at a Toronto housing building approached four Black young people and are now in a disciplinary hearing for misconduct in that intervention.  Human Rights Ontario is seeking intervenor status to allow a fair hearing of whether racial profiling is at the heart of the dispute.  Both prosecutor and constables oppose the intervenor status for Human Rights.

Toronto Star – Robin Levinson King
Photos of women breastfeeding in uniform show ‘power of a working mother’

Tary Ruby, who formerly served in the US Air Force while nursing, is a professional photographer who is trying to show that a breast-feeding mother who is working and in uniform are compatible.  She has an impressive portfolio of both sensitive and powerful portraits to prove her point.  She is looking for a Mountie mother and child for her next picture.   Related article: Toronto Star – Sunny Freeman   Time off work for menstrual pain part of U.K. business’s planned ‘period policy’

New CBC Documentary:  I, Pedophile  to air March 10, 9PM on Firsthand

One worker in the field suggests:  “It is probably THE most significant treatment of pedophilia from a scientific perspective yet produced. It will be controversial.”  Cf Trailer   Related link:  Matthew Campea  Tackling a Tough Subject: Why I Made a Documentary About Pedophiles

Global News – Hannah James
Failing Canada’s First Nations children

This article comes from an inquest in the death of seven Indigenous teenage girls who left home to be able to attend high school and were murdered – six of them attending the same high school exclusively for Indigenous people.