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June 27, 2016

Ottawa Citizen – Vito Pillieci
Federal government prepares biggest refresh of its web offerings ever

In the web of federal government services there are about 1500 sites that interact with the public about government policies and programs.  The e-mail services have been in the news several times recently but this is the first announcement of the effort to consolidate the actual sites.  If all goes well, the refresh will be complete in 2017.  http://ottawacitizen.com/business/local-business/federal-government-prepares-biggest-refresh-of-its-web-offerings-ever

iPolitics.com – The Canadian Press
Hajdu begins consultations on cyber violence – Online harassment could be included in federal strategy on gender-based violence

Status of Women Minister Patricia Hajdu is working toward developing a promised federal strategy on gender based violence.  Hajdu also sees the possibility that her gender based work may have application in justice issues for violence towards women in the context of bail and domestic assault.  http://ipolitics.ca/2016/06/26/hajdu-begins-consultations-on-cyber-violence/

Respectability (US) (VERA Institute)
Disability and Criminal Justice Reform: The keys to Success

The efforts in the US to stimulate criminal justice reform has raised consciences about the number in the system who would be better understood as suffering from disabilities.  According to this study, just over ¾ of a million inmates in jails and prison, almost 40%, suffer from some sort of disability.  http://files.ctctcdn.com/aae129c3201/b399c195-1cd7-49bd-b788-0e3a12eef676.pdf   Related article: Centre for Victimization and Safety (US)    End Abuse of People with Disabilities Webinar Series   http://www.endabusepwd.org/publications/end-abuse-pwd-webinar-series/    (A Recording of a VERA Institute of Justice series of webinar sessions)

Toronto Star – Allan Woods
Veterans turning to charity due to military pension delays

Kevin Sweeney served with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and accumulated 10 years of service before his release.  He, his wife and two children expected a pension but have in fact been living on charity and gift cards.  His story, says Canadian Forces Ombudsman Gary Walbourne, is not unique; there is a backlog of 13,000 in the pension file.  https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/06/27/veterans-turning-to-charity-due-to-military-pension-delays.html

Globe and Mail – Laura Stone
Assisted dying:  Rights group to launch legal challenge of assisted-dying law

The BC Civil Liberties have decided to challenge the constitutionality of Bill C-14 on assisted dying.  The challenge is prompted by the requirement under the law that death must be “reasonably foreseeable” to qualify for assisted medical dying.  Critics of the Bill were certain that the constitutionality would in fact be challenged quickly after it passed the House.   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/rights-group-launches-legal-challenge-of-assisted-dying-law/article30623211/

The Alberta Restorative Justice Association
Connecting circles of responsibility for community

7PM Nov 17- Nov 19 at Edmonton Marriott River Cree Resort (Early bird now available) Keynotes:  Melissa MacKay & Jake MacIssac on Lessons learned from the University of Dalhousie Dentistry Restorative Justice Case Camille Pablo Russell     Moving Forward Collaboratively after TRC    plus workshops and pre-conference training offered.   http://www.arja.ca/annualconference/2016conference/

Mother Jones – Shane Bauer
My four months as a private prison guard…

How does a journalist find out about the internal workings in a private prison?  The answer for Shane Bauer was to go to work for the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), one of the private prison companies that house 161,000 inmates.  CCA has 61 facilities, this one in Baton Rouge, LA.  He had four weeks of training and then went to work at Winn Correctional.  The link has five chapters of life as a guard over the four months.   http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/06/cca-private-prisons-corrections-corporation-inmates-investigation-bauer

NationTalk (BC)
Ipsos: Majority (77%) of British Columbians Agree Mental Illness is One of Most Important Issues Facing BC

A recent Ipsos poll is recording a remarkable consensus among the people of BC.  77% think that mental health is one of BC’s most pressing concern.  What is of even greater consensus, 97% think that mental health should be given equal priority with medical health care.  The poll was set up by Canadian Mental Health Association of BC and may reflect that wonderful art of asking the right questions.  http://bc.nationtalk.ca/story/ipsos-majority-77-of-british-columbians-agree-mental-illness-is-one-of-most-important-issues-facing-bc