No life for a child…

Sept 23, 2016

Toronto Star – Nicholas Keung
Immigration detention ‘profoundly harmful’ to children: U of T study

There are an average of 242 children each year locked down in immigration detention in Canada.  The children live with their mother and have access to their father for short periods each day, a circumstance that the latest U of T study says is harmful mentally and emotionally to the children.  “Those who have lived in detention experience increased symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and suicidal ideation, as well as developmental delays and behavioural issues…Instead of locking children up or separating them from their detained parents, these children need meaningful protection in community-based alternatives to detention.”   Related article: Globe and Mail – Jim Bronskill, Canadian Press   Find alternatives to harmful practice of jailing child migrants: report   Full U of T Report:  Hanna Gros, Yolanda Song    No Life for a Child (A 77 page downloadable pdf)

Hill Times – Chelsea Nash
Feds expected to scrap controversial ‘safe-countries’ refugee system: insiders

In 2012, the Conservative government introduced the practice of Designated Countries of Origin (DCO) for the immigration / refugees process.  People from the DCO’s, a list somewhat arbitrarily defined, had to be processed within 30 – 45 days and could be returned safely to the DCO in the event of admission refusal since the DCO indicted the country practiced human rights and protected its citizens.  Mario Dion, chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, says that Minister John McCallum is considering abandoning the distinction.   Related article: Toronto Star – Ian Urquhart and Ross MacGregor    Privately sponsored Syrian refugees left in limbo   Related article: Toronto Star – Nicholas Keung   Dual citizens given a break on new passport rules   Related article: Toronto Star – Editorial (Sept 21, 2016)  Liberals should tighten rules against torture

Global TV News – David Ljunggren, Reuters
Justin Trudeau dodges questions on extradition discussions with China

China is looking for an extradition treaty with Canada that would allow China to have ‘economic criminals’ returned to face corruption charges.  The issue is complicated in that China may impose a death sentence and Canada does not extradite to possible death sentences.  The issue is also complicated by the two year detention of Kevin Garrett in China, recently returned to Canada after intervention by Trudeau.   Related article: Globe and Mail – Robert Fife and Nathan VanderKlippe    Chinese agents enter Canada on tourist visas to coerce return of fugitive expats    Related article: Globe and Mail – Michael Byers Extradition treaty with China would be an affront to human rights

CBC News – Laura Wright
‘Shady, secretive system’: Public Safety green-lit RCMP, CSIS spying devices, documents reveal – Government officials refuse to say exactly what interception devices are being approved in Canada

Government, a court case in Montreal has revealed, has given CSIS and the RCMP repeatedly permission to use electronic monitoring in Canada.  The problem, for privacy advocates, is that neither the security services nor the government itself will say what devices they are using, nor the purpose for the licences issued by the Public Safety Minister.  CBC News researcher Ken Rubin says:  “There are too many questions there. All I’ve uncovered is a link to how this rather shady, secretive system works, and there’s no public understanding of it.”