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Nov 19, 2016

Blogger Russell Webster (UK)
Alcohol and youth offending:   Alcohol in the System: Report –  An examination of alcohol and youth offending in London

The report is a 12 month study of London youth implicated in the criminal justice system and known to use / abuse alcohol.  Webster offers nine main finders of the study.  Full report (24 page downloadable pdf)

Canadian Press – Kristy Kickup
Medical experts urge Canada to declare public emergency over opioid crisis

Minister of Health Philpott admits up front that there is a medical emergency around the number of deaths from opioid overdose, especially from the use of fentanyl or other drugs laced with the very powerful and dangerous drug.  Experts think most of it is coming into Canada from China.  BC alone has recorded over 640 deaths since the beginning of this year and the province’s politicians where the drug has prompted a public health emergency since last spring are claiming unfair response from the federal government.  The drug is so powerful that emergency response people are now getting training on handling the drug without ingesting even minute amounts.

Globe and Mail – Carrie Tait
Who’s to blame after an overdose?

The epidemic of opioid deaths across Canada is prompting police to attempt to curb the black market sales of the drugs like fentanyl by charging murder after an overdose death.  The article comes based on desperation after three deaths in 45 minutes.  Constable Rayan Najjar with the Blood Tribe Service in Stand Off, Alta is not the first to look to murder charges while the provincial and federal governments struggle to find answers.  At the moment, three persons on the reserve are charged, one with manslaughter and two more with criminal negligence causing death.

Toronto Star – Rosie DiManno
Human rights tribunal hears former cop describe toxic culture of harassment

A woman cop, a veteran of both RCMP and seven years at Toronto Metro police, Heather McWilliam succumb to PTSD from sexual harassment and assault. She filed a grievance with Ontario Human Rights and this week spent two days on the stand testifying to her experience.  “I’d been sexually harassed for so many years. After I was bullied and intimidated, I looked up at the chain of command and realized there was no hope. I had no chance of safety from this type of abuse.”  Related article: Toronto Star – Canadian Press   Protests hit Val d’Or as six police officers not charged for alleged abuse    Related article: Globe and Mail – Ingrid Peritz   Aboriginal women ‘feel anger’ no charges laid against Val-d’Or officers

Toronto Star – Emily Mathieu
Activists march to get housing recognized as a right

There’s been a slight change in the messaging of a group of more than 7,000 affordable housing protestors in Toronto.  They are urging the federal government, presently doing consultations to think of affordable housing a right that everyone has.  “It should be expected as part of a resident of Canada that you have a decent place to live,” said Hale. “We would like that idea to inform (the federal government’s) policy and have financial support for a policy that is going to make that happen, so we don’t have a continual cycle of homelessness and we don’t press it down to the local government level who don’t really have the financial capabilities of meeting those needs.”

WebEx Invitation – Policy Centre for Victim Issues, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General in British Columbia and Restorative Justice Victoria

Meeting the Needs of Victims and Survivors in Restorative Justice Processes through Capacity Building and Collaboration

Thursday, December 1st, 2016 from 1:00-2:30pm (EST) Pre-registration required; no post event availability of material.  Please email or call Laurie MacEachern (  or 613-952-3629) to register or to query.  Delivery in English but simultaneous translation into French.  Linkage on e-mail after registration.

Department of Justice – Call for proposals

Victims and Survivors of Crime in Restorative Justice Processes 

There is some funding available for victims and RJ agencies; the deadline is Dec 31, 2016.  The link provides eligible agency info and the criteria used to determine the funding.