The asylum loophole…

Feb 27, 2017 CTV News – Laura Peyton Close the Safe Third Country loophole: Jason Kenney The safe third country rule says that asylum seekers in either the US or Canada cannot be in one of these designated safe countries and apply to the other … [Read more...]


Feb 24, 2017 Homeless Hub Blogger – Ambar Aleman Why do governments criminalize the homeless? There is an element which thinks that by creating a law you solve a problem.  Sleeping on the sidewalk is one such example.  A $50 fine against a … [Read more...]

AI and human rights…

Feb 23, 2017 Amnesty International Canada Report 2016-17:  The State of the World’s Human Rights The report is just over 400 pages and offers an update on the practice and violations of human rights throughout the world.  The index directs one … [Read more...]


Feb 22, 2017  Toronto Star – Allan Woods Canada-U.S. border the final frontier for refugee-seekers The article offers an insightful side of the activity at one of Canada’s popular land border crossings between the US and Canada.  The site is … [Read more...]

How much hate?

Feb 20, 2017 National Newswatch – Terry Pedwell Canadians voice support for Muslims amid ‘hatred’ unleashed on Liberal MPs Heritage Minister Melanie Joly who this week fronted the Liberal support for Motion 103 which rejects Islamophobia got … [Read more...]

800 delays…

Feb 16, 2017 Globe and Mail – Sean Fine Lawyers want to toss hundreds of criminal cases for unreasonable delays The push back from defence lawyers is starting to reveal the number of cases impacted by the Jordan decision around the appropriate … [Read more...]

A fee re-think…

Feb 14, 2017  CBC News – Kathleen Harris Canadian citizenship applications decline after processing fees triple - Experts say prohibitive cost is causing some immigrants to delay becoming new Canadians The senate has begun hearings on amending … [Read more...]

Mandatory going?

Feb 12, 2017 CBC News – Alison Crawford Liberals looking to eliminate many mandatory minimum sentences, justice minister says - Wilson-Raybould says mandatory minimums contribute to backlogs in Canada's courts The federal Liberals and the Jody … [Read more...]

How prisons hurt communities

Feb 11, 2017 AJ+ – Van Jones “If rich folks' kids get in trouble, they go to rehab. Poor folks' kids get in trouble, they go to prison.” Van Jones talks about how mass incarceration is hurting … [Read more...]

Humanizing Canada’s penal system

Feb 11, 2017 From CBC Ideas: The Enright Files In this radio piece, Michael Enright speaks with some remarkable people who serve prisoners and society, and takes a hard look at Canada's penal system, exploring ideas about how prisons can keep … [Read more...]