Bail now…

Oct 31, 2017 Ministry of the Attorney General (ON) – Ontario Unveils New Bail Directive to Reduce Pre-Trial Custody -  Province Making the Criminal Justice System Faster and Fairer The Ontario government has just released a new approach to bail … [Read more...]

Trauma training…

Oct. 28, 2017 Policy Options – Elizabeth Sheehy and Simon Lapierre The Jordan decision’s impact on cases of violence against women The Jordan decision was a clarification by the Supreme Court of Canada about what constitutes unreasonable delay … [Read more...]

Prison Health…

Oct. 26, 2017 Pew Charitable Trust (US) Prison Health Care Costs and Quality - How and why states strive for high-performing systems The Pew Foundation and VERA Institute for Justice together have produced this report looking at the data derived … [Read more...]

Appallingly clever…

Oct 24, 2017 iPolitics – Marty Patriquin The niqab law is appalling. It's also clever, amoral politics. Bill C-62 in Quebec denies public service on the basis of a covered face requesting the service.  It has given voice to repeated assertions … [Read more...]

Love is reconciliation

Oct 23, 2017 Indigenous advocate Cindy Blackstock raises the bar for Canadians and pays tribute to Gord Downie: May he forever sing and dance among the stars reminding us all that love is reconciliation.  John Howard Society of Ontario Record … [Read more...]

Childhood trauma and prison…

Oct 18, 2017 PBS / N.Y. Times (US) – Audra D.S. Burch A Gun to His Head as a Child. In Prison as an Adult. Increasingly researchers are insisting that childhood trauma is not only concomitant with adult imprisonment but is more pointedly the … [Read more...]

“He shouldn’t have died like this…”

Oct 15, 2017 Toronto Star - Fatima Syed ‘My beautiful son is dead’: Family still searching for answers after Whitby man’s 2016 death in prison Barely a week after the release of a report from Howard Sapers on the state of Corrections in … [Read more...]


Oct 13, 2017  Toronto Star – Michelle Shepherd RCMP officers screened Quebec border crossers on religion and values, questionnaire shows The Star is reporting that the RCMP have been using an interview guide that targets Muslims as the refugees … [Read more...]

A stretch?

Oct 11, 2017 Globe and Mail – Liam Casey / The Canadian Press Manslaughter charges against alleged fentanyl dealers piling up across Canada Police forces across the country have begun, in an effort to stem deaths from overdoses of fentanyl, to … [Read more...]

Who counts the dead?

Oct. 6, 2017 Ottawa Citizen = David Reevely Ontario's jails can't even count their dead, review finds Former federal correctional investigator Howard Sapers, now an advisor to Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services, has a new version of the old … [Read more...]