Punishment doesn’t fix crime — or make us safe

There has certainly been plenty of crime and punishment talk in Canada recently. New laws put more people in prison longer, make it harder for them to get out, and make it more difficult for them to reintegrate into communities when they do. Public … [Read more...]

Justice committee recognizes growth and complexity of criminal justice system at crisis proportions

This June 2012 discussion paper by a Government of Canada Justice Committee recognizes that the burgeoning growth and complexity of the criminal justice system has reached crisis proportions: lengthened criminal trials, increased costs, more court … [Read more...]

Practical solutions from CCPA

     February 7, 2013 Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives - Kirsten Bernas and Blair Hamilton Creating opportunities with green jobs:  the story of BUILD and BEEP These two projects come out of Manitoba and hail the ability of social … [Read more...]

Ashley Smith inquest

January 22, 2013 CBC News – Ashley Smith jurors watch video showing her death A gruesome sight showing the last moments of Ashley Smith life and the immediate aftermath on a CSC video tape, a powerful scene that makes one repeat the query: how … [Read more...]

Grosmaire raises the ante

January 21, 2013  NY Times examiner: David Belden Radical Compassion: Restorative Justice Program Meets Needs of Both Victims and Perpetrators The Grosmaire case first aired in the NY Times has been swirling around a considerable portion of the … [Read more...]

Strategies to address the roots of youth violence

"Creating Positive Alternatives For Canadian Youth" is a seminal report from the Girls & Boys Clubs of Canada that outlines some of the key risk factors for youth violence as well as proven ways of mitigating them. … [Read more...]

Effects of parental imprisonment on child antisocial behaviour and mental health

In “Effects of Parental Imprisonment on Child Antisocial Behaviour and Mental Health: A Systematic Review” (Campbell Systematic Reviews August 2009:4), Murray, Farrington, Sekol and Olsen did a meta-analysis of 16 studies to determine if parental … [Read more...]

A troubling scene

 January 19, 2013  Catherine Latimer of John Howard: A Reflection on a troubling scene between CSC and NPB (Ed Note:  These comments are based on the report in January 17 communiqué that there is some tension between CSC and the NPB over a … [Read more...]

The Charter and the Law

 January 18, 2013  Vancouver Sun - Efrat Arbel and Peter Showler New immigrant detention policy tough on asylum seekers In a special report two lawyers and activists - Arbel and Showler co-chair the Advocacy Committee of the Canadian Association … [Read more...]

The Warden and the NPB

 January 17, 2013 Canada.com - Christie Blatchford Warden goes against parole board, grants temporary absence to convicted murderer The decision by a CSC warden to give a lifer a temporary absence in spite of a National Parole Board decision not … [Read more...]