Corrections and the political agenda in Canada: Toward an illuminated future or a walk in the darkness?

SJNC is pleased to feature a new article by seasoned correctional observer R. E. Bob Brown, who compares the criminal justice policies of the current Government of Canada with those in several European countries, the U.S. and a number of its states. … [Read more...]

Proportionality discussion paper Justice Canada, Steering Committee on Justice Efficiencies and Access to the Justice System This June 2012 discussion paper by a Government of Canada Justice Committee recognizes that the burgeoning growth and … [Read more...]

Punishment doesn’t fix crime — or make us safe

There has certainly been plenty of crime and punishment talk in Canada recently. New laws put more people in prison longer, make it harder for them to get out, and make it more difficult for them to reintegrate into communities when they do. Public … [Read more...]

Community options required!

Frequently working as cooks or cleaners in the prison, women learn few marketable skills, and have less access to pre- release programs than do male inmates. Access to CORCAN and to community work releases would better prepare them for return to … [Read more...]

Recommendations for improved care for mentally ill offenders

There are options other than incarceration for mentally ill persons who come into conflict with the law, such as police diversion to hospital before they are charged, court support workers, mental health courts. These options draw on the principle of … [Read more...]

Finding direction: Expanding criminal justice options by considering policies of other nations

This report compares criminal justice systems and social indicators for six countries including Canada. Countries choosing fines, community service, probation, or treatment did not produce higher victimization rates. Some countries used sentence … [Read more...]

Is your criminal justice system serving you well?

This Toronto Star series maps the most costly jail cities in the country, adding socioeconomic data to the mix to give a better picture of crime and punishment in Canada — and Toronto. … [Read more...]

Vera Institute: Reallocating justice resources

With fewer dollars available, state criminal justice agencies are challenged to increase public safety while coping with smaller budgets. This report distills lessons from 14 U.S. states that passed research-driven sentencing and corrections reform … [Read more...]