Prison culture

 June 19, 2013

Penal Reform International
Institutional culture in detention: a framework for detention monitoring
Women in detention: a guide to gender-sensitive monitoring

 Here are two very timely articles for us in Canada.  The first deals with prison culture, what makes it up and how to change it.  The second is about women and the process of monitoring from the perspective of risk managing for personal safety in their imprisonment. (Top right of the title page for the women’s link – both are downloadable PDF files.)  Related article: Also from PRI –  Discussion paper: The Use and Practice of Imprisonment: Current Trends and Future Challenges

 Statistics Canada Analysis
Adult criminal court statistics in Canada in 2011/2012

 These stats have graphs and commentary on what happens in criminal court in Canada.

 WESA Radio News (Pennsylvania)
Study: Juveniles with Unmarried Parents More Likely to Recommit Crimes

 There are few studies of recidivism in young offenders but this one packed a surprise.  While 20% re-offended within two years,  80% of re-offenders came from families in which the parents were not married.

 UT San Diego (US) –  Erica Werner
House committee takes up tough immigration bill

 A bill designed by Republican Trey Gowdy of South Carolina will, if passed in the House of Representatives, likely undermine the work of the immigration reform efforts by the Gang of Eight.  The bill would empower state and local officials to enforce federal immigration provisions and would give federal funds to achieve the enforcement.

 The Independent Daily (UK) –
Female suicides in prison could have been prevented 

 The article reviews the incidents of six women suicides in the UK prison system and how they could have been prevented. Factors identified included guards ignoring signs and threats, drug dependency, mental health issues.  The article also looks at the consequences of changes to the provision of legal aid. Full report in pdf format:

 Madison Cap times (Wisconsin)
Youth advocate says Monona’s anti-bullying ordinance is the wrong way to go

 Some time ago communiqué reported a new law allowing penalizing parents in Monona by tickets for a second incident of bullying.  Youth workers are having some second thoughts and looking for RJ preventative measures as opposed to punitive approaches. 

 Human Rights Watch (US)
Over-Criminalization Task Force Should Examine Federal Sentencing Practices

 The US Congress has a task force charged with looking at the issue of over-criminalizing through federal laws and federal penalties, resulting in huge increases in prison populations and lives ruined.  Human Rights Watch wants the length and fairness of federal sentencing on the Task Force agenda. 

 Globe and Mail – Ann Hui
Sesame Street creates first muppet with dad in jail 

 Few people think like muppets!  Who is in jail?  Dad!  Sesame Street explores the meaning for children when confronted by the reality of Dad in jail and offers a workshop in coping.  Sesame Street Link:  Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration