Access to justice…

  Feb. 10, 2014   Toronto Star –  Alyshah Hasham Access to justice: Help coming for people headed to Canada’s civil and family courts   Supreme Court of Canada Justice Thomas Cromwell who chaired a comprehensive report on how to … [Read more...]

Ahead in parliament…

   Jan 28, 2014  Catherine Latimer, Executive Director of John Howard Canada: Struggles ahead for justice in Canada…Where Parliament needs to act  After a break for the holiday season, the House of Commons resumes today.  The Government … [Read more...]

Access to justice

  Jan 10, 2014  Globe and Mail - Editorial High-priced justice The editorial is commenting on the recent Canadian Bar Association report on access to justice, described as ‘abysmal’.  Estimates are that approximately one half of those … [Read more...]

Bonding through bars…

   Dec. 30, 2013  Bonding through bars  Giving voice to the silenced children of imprisoned parents  A five minute Youtube video in which parents recall the anguish of being separated from their children by imprisonment.  The video is an … [Read more...]


 Aug 19, 2013  Huffington Post – Canadian Press Access to Justice in Canada 'Abysmal,' Report Says   A summary report to the Saskatoon meeting of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) says that access to the law in Canada fails badly for … [Read more...]