Our loss…

Oct 24, 2019 National Newswatch – Glen Pearson The Election’s Greatest Loss “The heat of the federal election is now over and cold morning of reality has begun to set in.  All that energy.  All those voiced aspirations of what a great … [Read more...]

Timely intervention…

July 11, 2018 CBC News - Kevin Dougherty Quebec investing in 'collaborative justice' program to resolve family conflicts - Quebec will spend $180,000 to expand a project to resolve family conflicts that reach 'crisis' level Robert Pidgeon, … [Read more...]

Black voices…

July 24, 2017 Toronto Star – Royson James Get ready — Toronto’s next wave of Black voices will be more urgent, strident and radical Following the publication of the Black Experience Project, chronicling Black life in the GTA, James offers … [Read more...]


July 18, 2017 The Walrus – Robert Clark The Case for Prison Reform- The harsh American model has failed. Here’s how we can do better Clark who started working in prisons at age 24 is now a 30 year veteran of prisons, the good and the bad lived … [Read more...]

Torture and C-51…

Dec 8, 2016  Globe and Mail – Colin Freeze Trump’s torture view may change secrets sharing with Canada: spy watchdog executive Here’s a twist on the usual C-51 discussion about Five Eyes intelligence sharing, more specifically … [Read more...]

Scope of MMIW

Aug. 7, 2016 Policy Options – Pamela Palmater The MMIW inquiry’s limited scope, especially the lack of action on police conduct, could overshadow its good parts. The absence of provincial and territorial ministers as well as the various … [Read more...]

Bail and remand…

July 26, 2014  CBC News – Mark Gollom Provincial jails clogged with legally innocent Canadians  -  Majority of people appearing at bail court are charged with non-violent offences   Abby Deshman, public safety director of the Canadian … [Read more...]

When are we safe?

 Aug 24, 2013  Fox News – Phoenix, AZ 6 immigration activists arrested at protest outside Phoenix ICE facility  In a protest before an ICE detention centre, the daughter a citizen, the mother undocumented ask:  When are we safe?  … [Read more...]

Hot knives

July 6, 2013  CBC News Do the knives come out when it's hot?  Is there such a thing as 'stabbing weather'?  A CBC analysis of four years in Regina is suggesting that July is the hottest month and the most likely month for a stabbing.  There … [Read more...]

Justice committee recognizes growth and complexity of criminal justice system at crisis proportions

This June 2012 discussion paper by a Government of Canada Justice Committee recognizes that the burgeoning growth and complexity of the criminal justice system has reached crisis proportions: lengthened criminal trials, increased costs, more court … [Read more...]