An echo…

Dec. 16, 2021  CBC News – Alicia Bridges Australia looks to Canada as it launches inquiry into missing and murdered First Nations women - There are hard lessons to learn from Canada's own inquiry, advocates say  The themes and comments of two … [Read more...]

Safe third country…

July 24, 2020 National Newswatch – The Canadian Press Federal Court declares Canada-U.S. refugee pact unconstitutional While refugee advocates have long fought the agreement with the US known as the safe third country (set up in 2004) and are … [Read more...]

Full Body scanners…

May 2, 2016 Ontario Government Ministry of Social and Correctional Services - Minister Yasir Naqvi Full-body Scanners to be installed in all Adult Correctional Facilities In the middle of some terrible conditions and continual disruptions, … [Read more...]


 February 21, 2012  The Texas Tribune - Brandi Grissom Andre Thomas: Mental Health, Criminal Justice Collide The first of a six part series investigating the collision between mental health and criminal justice, this article about pursuing the … [Read more...]

Immigration detention

December 5, 2012 Victoria Times Colonist – Katie DeRosa  Free on streets of fear What prompts refuges to take chances with human smugglers?  DeRosa follows the case of a 25 year old Sri Lankin and his family. Family dispersed, he is waiting in … [Read more...]

Leading Australian criminologist calls for restorative justice

Leading criminologist Professor John Braithwaite of the Australian National University, in a lecture at the University of Cape Town in 2012 captured on YouTube, argued that restorative justice focuses on the needs of the victims and of the offenders, … [Read more...]

Finding direction: Expanding criminal justice options by considering policies of other nations

This report compares criminal justice systems and social indicators for six countries including Canada. Countries choosing fines, community service, probation, or treatment did not produce higher victimization rates. Some countries used sentence … [Read more...]