Special Report – Lauzon and Bail

Dec 5, 2020 Over the years, Smart Justice has identified many areas of problematic law and law application.  Bail has been a constant concern because often issues of law are ignored in favour of personal prejudice and fear of public opinion. This … [Read more...]

Bail and covid…

Nov 19, 2020  Lawyer’s Daily – John Schofield Ontario Court of Appeal rules pandemic should not trigger automatic bail reviews While the advocates are trying to reduce risk to prisoners from Covid-19, the Ontario Court of Appeal has rejected … [Read more...]


May 20, 2020 Business Insider - Thomas Coulson Spain is about to bring in a basic income scheme which the government thinks will 'stay forever' Up to a million poorer families will shortly receive a guaranteed annual income, making Spain the first … [Read more...]


April 17, 2020 Government of Canada COVID-19 and the Parole Board of Canada The statement (April 15, 2020) by the National Parole Board lays out the current considerations around the pandemic Covid-19 and the various parties to the consideration … [Read more...]

Prisons endanger us all…

April 10, 2020  Tracking the Politics of Criminalization and Punishment in Canada Go to the link to get a summary document on the number of inmates and prison staff who have gotten Coronavirus to date.  The chart has been prepared by Justin … [Read more...]

Renewed light for tired problems

Sept 12. 2019 (Ed note: Smart Justice Network Canada (SJNC) has been working quietly for a new vision of criminal justice in Canada and has outlined what that new vision would propose.  We offer the perspective for election reflection / … [Read more...]

Let’s talk…

Feb. 4, 2019 Ottawa Citizen – Joanne Laucius Bell, let's talk about making it easier for inmates to call from jail, say protesters The national Bell Let’s Talk effort is underway and has at its base the notion that the initial step in mental … [Read more...]

She-devil – mad, bad, or sad…

Oct. 15, 2018 Manchester Guardian Long Read (UK): Helena Kennedy The myth of the she-devil: why we judge female criminals more harshly In the light of the current controversy over the decision to allow Terri-Lynn McClintic to pursue healing … [Read more...]

RJ coming of age?

Mar 26, 2018 Department of Justice: (March 2018)   A Report on Provincial and Territorial Stakeholder Consultations What we heard - Transforming Canada's criminal justice system While not yet the policy of the federal government, this report … [Read more...]

A beginning?

Feb 16, 2018 CBC News – John Paul Tasker Trudeau promises new legal framework for Indigenous people - 'We need to get to a place where Indigenous peoples in Canada are in control of their own destiny,' PM says Though short on detail, Trudeau is … [Read more...]