Say it ain’t so…

Dec 20, 2020 Toronto Star - Alyshah Hasham Legal groups say Ontario misled public with claim it reduced inmate population by 30 per cent early in pandemic There’s a lot, to rely on an old jail joke, depends on the way you tell the story.  Two … [Read more...]


June 12, 2020 National Newswatch – Canadian Press Freeland says police must acknowledge racism, advocates call for action Is there or isn’t there?  Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister thinks there is.  But despite our history of colonialism, … [Read more...]

No illegal refugees…

April 9, 2018 Toronto Star - Jesse Beatson and Kylie Sier There’s nothing ‘illegal’ about asylum seekers - Amid a global refugee crisis, the misuse of the term ‘illegal’ carries a real cost. The editorial reminds us that asylum seekers … [Read more...]

Poor and racialized…

Jan 4, 2017 “May our lives be filled with more justice and less corrections.”  (A New Year’s wish from one of our readers) Globe and Mail – Patrick White New senator Kim Pate gives a voice to women in Canada's prisons New senators give … [Read more...]

Neighbourhood court

  April 20, 2013  Daily Democrat (Woodland, CA) Yolo County District Attorney hopes Neighborhood Court will reduce repeat offenses  More common perhaps in the UK, this is the second example of neighbourhood courts in California to date.  … [Read more...]