Jan 21, 2019 CBC News – Robyn Urback Driver in the Humboldt crash made a mistake — a horrific one — but one any of us could have made The Humboldt hockey team loss of life and injuries impacted on families and friends but also mostly on all … [Read more...]

More ‘big brother’…

June 22, 2018 The Guardian (UK) – Justin Ling Revealed: Canada uses massive US anti-terrorist database at borders Tuscan is the latest electronic device used to monitor travellers across the US-Canada border, provided by the US.  Tuscan is a … [Read more...]

Transforming CJS

Dec 12, 2017  Transforming the Criminal Justice System The Government of Canada is undertaking a broad review of Canada’s Criminal Justice System to ensure that it is just, compassionate and fair, and promotes a safe, peaceful and prosperous … [Read more...]

Military justice…

April 4, 2017  Ottawa Citizen – David Pugliese New book calls for reform of outdated Canadian military justice system Behind the Times is the name of new book by two well-known military commentators, retired Judge Gilles Létourneau and Professor … [Read more...]

Four years max…

Mar 30, 2017 CBC News – Alison Crawford Federal Court orders public safety minister to make decision in immigration case - Chief justice rejects argument minister is too busy to make decisions on sensitive cases Chief Justice Paul Crampton of the … [Read more...]

How much hate?

Feb 20, 2017 National Newswatch – Terry Pedwell Canadians voice support for Muslims amid ‘hatred’ unleashed on Liberal MPs Heritage Minister Melanie Joly who this week fronted the Liberal support for Motion 103 which rejects Islamophobia got a … [Read more...]

Mandatory going?

Feb 12, 2017 CBC News – Alison Crawford Liberals looking to eliminate many mandatory minimum sentences, justice minister says - Wilson-Raybould says mandatory minimums contribute to backlogs in Canada's courts The federal Liberals and the Jody … [Read more...]

Two way borders…

Feb 10, 2017 CTV News Muslim mom rejected at U.S. border after questions on Trump, mosque shooting Fadwa Alaoui has lived in Canada for twenty years and acquired Canadian citizenship after Moroccan birth.  She has also travelled to the US … [Read more...]

Coming and going…

Feb 5, 2027 CBC News – Evan Dyer  Canada looking at legality of enforcing Trump travel ban on Canadian soil - Legal concerns over ban could run up against customs pre-clearance agreement While the federal courts and legal scholars fight back and … [Read more...]

Mother and infants

 August 1, 2013 Winnipeg Free Press – Randy Turner 'She's not a monster': caregiver  -  Lisa Gibson a devoted mom, woman says  Perhaps this most recent case in Winnipeg is a pressing invitation to us all to consider how this tragedy may have been … [Read more...]