Hard truths…

Nov. 3, 2015 Globe and Mail – Gloria Galloway Residential school documents to be publicly available for first time National Research Centre for Truth and Reconciliation is making the documents accumulated during the investigations on the … [Read more...]

“Those scars are mine…”

   Sept. 19, 2014  Globe and Mail – Stu Jeffries as told to Dave McGinn A father of three shares his story of childhood abuse and how to begin to forgive  The author is a radio host on Boom 97.3 and puts into personal dimensions the reports … [Read more...]


  July 31, 2014  MacLean’s – Paul Wells Harper’s pot wedge: Up in smoke   Wells thinks that the advocacy of the N.Y. Times editorial board for the legalization of marijuana, and the growing acceptance of that position in Canada, is … [Read more...]

C-10 at 14 months

 June 4, 2013  Canada.com – Blogger Tobi Cohen, Post Media News Omnibus crime bill 14 months later — how’s it playing out in court   A year and bit after C-10 has become law, a parliamentarian has asked government what has been the … [Read more...]

Unpardonable pardoning

 April 17, 2013    Calgary Herald – Kris Kanizsai  Kanizsai: How Harper's tough-on-crime law has ruined me A personal story about the basic unfairness of the changes brought to the pardon process result in the loss of several promising jobs … [Read more...]

Public at risk

  March 19, 2013   Vancouver Sun – Peter McKnight  Reform bill puts public safety at risk: Not Criminally Responsible Act will mean mentally ill    offenders may instead choose to go to jail where treatment may be inadequate McKnight … [Read more...]

Chaplains cut

 March 17, 2013  CBC News - BC B.C. prisoners' rights group protests non-Christian chaplain layoffs Chaplaincy services have been under the axe for some time now as contracts expire and positions are cut.  The cuts are wreaking havoc in … [Read more...]