Parent and child…

June 28, 2018 Global News – Brian Hill Canada blocks teen from reuniting with family despite Taliban death threats …according to regulations created by Immigration Canada, parents and siblings of child refugees are not considered “family … [Read more...]

Mama Rita…

June 2, 2018 National Catholic Reporter – Dan Morris-Young Restorative justice has a name, face and heart in East LA - Mama Rita: Inmates 'are not the crimes they did' Long-time Dolores Mission parishioner Rita Chairez works in restorative … [Read more...]

A fix now!

 Dec. 5, 2013  Ottawa Citizen - Editorial Fix the jail now   The editors take issue with accumulating reports of failure of the Ottawa-Carlton Detention Center to initiate its own corrective measure after repeated incidents of neglect and … [Read more...]

The kinder side

 July 19, 2013 The kinder side of vigilante justice   Elizabeth Webb and her husband are a different kind of vigilante.  When her car was ransacked, she discovered the cell phone of the culprit and instead of the police, she … [Read more...]

Immigration detention

December 5, 2012 Victoria Times Colonist – Katie DeRosa  Free on streets of fear What prompts refuges to take chances with human smugglers?  DeRosa follows the case of a 25 year old Sri Lankin and his family. Family dispersed, he is waiting in … [Read more...]