Cleaning up…

Jan 11, 2020  Mary Campbell – Independent Corrections Expert and Justice Advocate (Jan 3 edition of Communiqué drew attention to the federal parole board announcement of the fee increase for a record suspension (Government Link:  … [Read more...]

New Crime rates…

July 25, 2019 National Newswatch – Christian Paas-Lang, The Canadian Press Crime rate rose in 2018 but country still safer than a decade ago, StatCan says Stats Canada says the crime rate rose slightly in 2018 – up 2%, as did the severity of … [Read more...]

Political law schools?

April 3, 3018 Globe and Mail – Lisa Kelly and Lisa Kerr Yes, law schools must be political The recent court rulings on the death of Colton Boushie and Tina Fontaine have resurrected the issue of the purpose for a law school according to Kelly … [Read more...]

Civil justice…

Sept 7, 2017 Globe and Mail - Allison Speigel Why you should care that our civil-justice system is broken Speigel is a commercial litigator who thinks that the current status of civil law – an international ranking of 112 out of 190 countries … [Read more...]

Too generous?

Sept 2, 2017  Angus Reid Institute Half of Canadians say their country is ‘too generous’ toward illegal border crossers This survey was prompted by the more than 7,000 claimants crossing the land border from the US into Canada.  Fears that … [Read more...]

The law and vengeance…

    Jan 28, 2015  National Newswatch – Jim Bronskill Opposition MPs skeptical of life-in-jail plan In 2013 the federal government’s throne speech suggested they would introduce legislation to end parole for certain types of sexual assault … [Read more...]

Getting it right…

  Sept 2, 2014  Globe and Mail – Sean Fine Fairness for Victims Act faces major constitutional problem  There are a number of problems with the bill but the biggest one is likely the constitutionality of making new punishment retroactively … [Read more...]

SK mental health court…

 Nov. 18, 2013  Star Phoenix (Regina, SK) – Hannah Spray Court docket focuses on mental health issues The article announces the first sitting of a court for mental health issues today in Saskatoon.  The court will meet twice each month with a … [Read more...]

The tides of justice?

 July 27, 2013  MacLean’s – Ken MacQueen A closer look at falling crime statistics   MacQueen writes that the costs of policing are skyrocketing while the crime levels fall but that in spite of the contradiction and in spite of the … [Read more...]

Crime highest in Nunavut

 March 23, 2013  Nunatsiak-on-line Report shows Nunavut’s high violence crime rates stretch court resources - Number of cases, judges, sittings continue to increase A review of crime and court activity from 2000 – 2012 called … [Read more...]