Dec 4, 2022 Toronto Star – Daniel Brown  Long-awaited reforms to criminal sentencing are also sound public health policy - Bill C-5 recognized drugs as a public health problem that should be addressed through treatment programs, not through … [Read more...]


Oct 11, 2022   Don’t be a copagandist - A Resource for Media on Covering “Crime” and Violence - Mia Henry, Lewis Raven Wallace, and Andrea J. Ritchie with research from No More Police: A Case for Abolition No one today denies the power of language … [Read more...]

Funding Immigration enforcement

January 12, 2013 (Ed note: The following two links represent quite adversarial positions, possibly politically motivated, on the question of funding for immigration enforcement in the US.  We are not aware of any similar Canadian figures.)  The … [Read more...]

Stats under the light – from Graham Stewart

January 6, 2013  Graham Stewart on international crime statistics comparisons (Ed note: Graham is responding to our last communiqué (Jan 4, 2013) in which SJN  featured a video - - … [Read more...]

Stats and noise

January 4, 2013 AMIDST THE NOISE - Blogger The year end has brought all sorts of claims and disclaimers about the specific meaning of crime statistics as revealed by the various reporting agencies from municipalities and politicians across North … [Read more...]

Stats and lies?

December 7, 2012 Prince George Free Press (BC) – DeLynda Pilon City still atop Maclean's crime ranking With only one murder in 2011, here’s the scoop on how to get to the title MacLean’s most crime infested city in Canada! You have to master the … [Read more...]