More women in jail…

May 23, 2018  (Ed note: The last edition of communiqué contained a reference and commentary on the Mothers Offering Mutual Support (MOMS) of Ottawa.  Some of the MOMS involved in the discussions around the plan to rebuild the Ottawa Carleton … [Read more...]

Extradition to China?

March 29, 2017 Globe and Mail – Nathan VanderKlippe China to Canada: Don’t follow Australia’s lead on extradition treaty Australia said “No!” and China then urged Canada not to follow the Australian lead.  The extradition question has … [Read more...]

Democracy, for sure!

     May 10, 2015 Toronto Star – Bob Hepburn Mel Hurtig’s wake-up call for Canada’s democracy: Hepburn At 82, Mel Hurtig is still fighting for a national vision of democracy in Canada.  The long-time economic nationalist has just … [Read more...]

Our home and native land…

 Dec 9, 2013  Toronto Star – Atkinson Series Canada: It really is our home and native land   This article is the start of two weeks of commentary and analysis on Canada and the willingness to participate actively in our democratic … [Read more...]